About Clinging To Traditions In "A Moment Before The Gun Went Off" And "The Lottery,"

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In the stories 'A Moment before The Gun WentOff' and 'The Lottery,' there is the situation inwhich a group of people cling to traditions veryblindly. In both stories the traditions are so duginto the people's way of life that questioning themis considered sacrilege within these communities.Furthermore, the members of the community no longereven remember why the traditions were set up in thefist place. They follow the traditions simplybecause their predecessors followed the traditions.Another similarity between the communities in bothstories is, even though these traditions are firmlyentrenched in these communities, they are rapidlylosing there grip in other communities. This detailis not only mentioned in both stories, but lookeddown upon by communities that still follow thetraditions.In the story 'The Lottery,' the tradition is tohold a lottery on a specific summer day, butinstead of winning a cash prize or some other goodthing, the winner gets to be stoned to death by themembers of the community. The character that ismentioned most in this story is one by the name ofMrs. Hutchinson. Mrs. Hutchinson is a devotedmother and housewife. She is the one who eventuallygets singled out to win the lottery. So it is Mrs.Hutchinson who is impacted the most brutally by thelottery. However the other people of the villageare affected differently by the lottery. It is veryunlikely that the people of the village kill peoplefor the sake of killing people. More likely thereis a deeper reason. One possibility is that thepeople of this village of this village are lookingfor a scapegoat. A person to take the blame formistakes and sins of others, so one person dies fora community and saves the community from whateversins that had been committed.The society can be affected in many ways by thelottery. Other neighbor societies have beenaffected by the lottery, many have abandoned thetradition of the lottery. Even in the communitywhere the story takes place many of the ritualsthat go along with the lottery are fading into thepast to be forgotten forever. An example of thiswould be the chant that originally went with thelottery. Depending on how...

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