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About Us
Legacy Roofing is a newly founded roofing contractor that provides services for residencies and commercial buildings. Our main office and operations are in, but not limited to, the Seattle area. Based on our motto, “We got you covered,” we offer a plethora services which include: New roof construction, roof replacement, roof repairs, coatings and moss removal.
Mission statement
At legacy Roofing our mission is to give quality work at fair prices. Through good communication and honest hard work we strive to satisfy the customer and build lasting relationships with them. With a bit of ingenuity and common sense we will solve problems both business and work-related. By instilling in them honest work ethics we create a positive culture for both employee and clients.
Human Resource Management
Human resource management maintains and enhances the organizations through its various functions. A human resource manager’s duties and responsibilities consist of hiring, training, appraising, and compensating employees, and attending to their labor relations, health and safety, and fairness concerns. This process allows a human resource manager to keep the company heading in its intended direction and run with efficiency (Dessler, 2013). Necessary competencies of a human resource manager include:
• Strategic positioning and knowhow of aligning employees goals with the companies own goals
• Demonstrate exemplary leadership skills
• Create a meaningful and diverse culture by being a change champion
• Be a HR innovator and integrator such as using animistic to develop and optimize talent.
• Effectively communicate and connect people through technology
Hiring Employees
For an HR manager one of the most important things this done is hiring employee. This is to maintain our organizations staff by recruiting, screening, testing and interviewing potential candidate (Dessler, 2013). Depending on the importance of the position this process will be more thoroughly done, such as, hiring a new Forman to run a crew, compared to hiring a “grunt.”
Training Employees
The first step in training is the orientation. This is the initial chance to instill the company’s objectives of having hard working, diligent, and honest employees. Other parts of training that the HR manager will handle is designing and establishing training programs so that afterwards each employee will understand and exhibit the knowledge and competencies to do their job...

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