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I am Ani, a seventh grader who loves soccer like nothing else, iodizes Nicola Tesla, and has a relentless ambition to become a neurosurgeon. My preferred after school activity is the rough, yet enthralling sport of soccer. I also aspire to become like Nicola Tesla, an intelligent and modest man who changed the world. One thing that continuously drives me it my passion to become a neurosurgeon, a field that requires intelligence and hard work. As a 12 year old boy who is inspired by Nicola Tesla, who is fueled by the goal of becoming a neurosurgeon, but especially by my all-pervading love of soccer.
My favorite afterschool activity is the exhilarating, yet depressing sport of soccer. Soccer has helped me meet many new friends. For example I met one of my best friends in soccer, Ian Wain. Also, if you have talent you can play at tournament all over the country. My sister’s friend Neamea Seberi has played in Europe and Asia, and some people in this school have even traveled abroad as well for soccer. Soccer also helps to keep me active. At the start of each practice we run 3 laps around the field. Lastly, soccer helps me do my homework on time. On days without soccer I will do my homework as late as 11:00, but on days with soccer I finish my homework by 3:30. Soccer is a sport that is exciting and that lets kids stay active through out their life.
transform the electric industry. He was without a doubt a visionary. This is evidenced when he said;” One day every man will have a lamp powered by electricity”. Nicola Tesla was also an extremely selfless man and generous nm man. He realized that the world would be a better place if he did not posses his 74 patents and quickly gave them away. Nicola was also a very peace-loving man as well. He envisioned a day in the future when there would be a “death ray” that could stop...

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I was required to writ about a place that is special to me. this essay is about Puerto Rico.

1282 words - 5 pages My Puerto RicoAnyone who has ever been on vacation knows how special it can be. Spending time with family, relaxing worry-free, and just getting away from a normal schedule can be very rewarding, and make for some great memories. The first time I traveled to Puerto Rico, I was nine months old. I don't remember much about that trip, but there were many more to come in following years. I can recall vividly my most recent trip; After hours

This is an essay about Hurricane Charley and the effect it had on me.

531 words - 2 pages expensive groceries cold.When I looked back at what resulted from Charley, I actually feel fortunate. Yes, Charley did cause my dad lost business, left a lot of yard for me, left power and cable outages, and hundreds of dollars of meat to go bad. When I thought about this I felt kind of unfortunate but, when I thought about the people that starve day after day on normal bases in places like Africa, I feel fortunate. A lot of people in other

This essay was written about my grandfather, for the "Stories my Grandparents told me" essay contest.

716 words - 3 pages My grandfather is a schmuck. Yet to him, that insult is doubly offensive, because he is also anti-Semitic. He tried to stop my father, who was raised Catholic, from marrying my mother, who was raised Jewish. He recently divorced my grandmother, after 58 years of marriage. My grandfather has told me many stories, most of which were either exaggerations for the more boring ones or altogether facetious, but always mind-numbingly dull. In fact, I

Its About Me Not You

786 words - 4 pages time were enduring to his own indignation of the white man's epithet of black people as feral, as he tries to achieve acceptance pass the nearly insurmountable wall of ignorance and racial hate. When writing about his time as a slave there is an obvious shift from the subject of his people's suffering to his own alongside them; his childhood was the first instance of this. In the sad yet inspiring nostalgic tale that is Frederick Douglass’s

This bookreport is about the little prince and how this book relates to my mom and me

1196 words - 5 pages and only did things I wanted to do. I think I did not care about what other people thought about my act. But now, I think it is time for me to be like the flower after when it decide to be challenged. The flower was prepared to take the bugs and the wind. Similar to what flower did, I want to show my mom that I am independent, but not pompous. Then my mom would be proud of me and would be willing to take the trip of her own like what little prince

Learn everything about Catcher in the Rye. The main points of the story and a well written essay by me.

1052 words - 4 pages begins his story misguided and without direction. After flunking out of the Pencey School, Holden decides to leave early. Before he leaves, though, he visits his teacher, Mr. Spencer. Mr. Spencer and Holden talk about his direction in life: "'Do you feel absolutely no concern for your future, boy?' 'Oh, I feel some concern for my future, all right. Sure. Sure, I do.' I thought about it for a minute. 'But not too much, I guess,'" (14). After leaving

Sexuality, aggression and INTIMACY: the perfect orgasm. (see my website for info about me: www.irving-itchy-bronsky.com )

11126 words - 45 pages her and without thinking, put his hand on her shoulder, in a gesture of apology. "Don't worry about me," he said. "I'm thinking about canceling my trip." Her response was immediate and firm. "Absolutely not. No way. You're going. These people have been waiting for you for more than two years." He took off his glasses, polished them, humming quietly. Then he replaced them, and sighed. "Okay. I'll go." She finished preparing his breakfast

oppinions on writing. this is a funny essay about lies my teacher told me about writing I got an A- on it.

542 words - 2 pages Lies my teacher told meAt some point during the lengthy, drug-induced coma that I sometimes refer to as "my high school years," I briefly regained consciousness and found myself eye-to-eye with what appeared to be a three-headed, English teaching dwarf. Before I could fall back into my customary stupor I realized that this evil shrieking dwarf would say anything to trick me into wasting what was left of my mind with books and reading and other

Its an untitled work in progress by me about a person named Calithar Harlen. ps tell me how you like it/what i need to do to fix it

2067 words - 8 pages Chapter 1Odd beginningsAs a mildly skinny but strong man with a dark-age sword stood on the peak of a hill next to the calm clyan, or town, looking over it as he watched the sun set. It was the most beautiful and peaceful thing Calithar Harlen had ever seen. That is because Calithar is a treyener, or city person. "Well, hopefully war will not find me here." Then he got on his hover bike and sped down the hill. 50MPH...100MPH...150MPH...200MPH

'the truth set me free' good descriptive story with dialogue about a teenager who stays out late, gets drunk, and ends up in a bad accident.

2112 words - 8 pages about her makeup. I wanted these thoughts to stop! The pain rendered me unconscious just in time. It brought me right where I wanted to be, as close to death as possible.I all too soon awoke and appeared to be floating into the back of an ambulance. It felt like I might be floating at least until my stretcher hit the bumper, and the legs folded inward. I looked over and caught a glimpse of my face in the metal's reflection. My nausea came back

This is an essay regarding the book "Blees Me Ultima". It talks about Antonio's, the main character, internal and external conflicts.

784 words - 3 pages Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya was published in 1972 in America. This book is of a young Mexican boy who is caught between internal and external conflicts. Antonio, the main character, changes as a results of inner conflicts, one is which is he a vaquero like his father the Marez or a farmer like his mother's brothers the Luna, and which god should he believe in the Golden Carp, the pagan god, or the Christian God. Antonio throughout the

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