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The puzzling disappearances of the Malaysia Airline flight MH370 issue are shaking today’s world. Days are gone just like that, but still we don’t know what really happen to the plane. Recently there was an announcement by our Malaysian Prime Minister Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak that the missing plane is ending their journey in the Southern Indian Ocean. This conclusion was made based on an analysis of satellite data by a British company and aviation investigation agency. Our Prime Minister also said that because there is no doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board survived.
This issue has seriously damaged Malaysia’s image abroad, and the government’s handling of the ...view middle of the document...

The question now why they did not evoke a prompt response on what they found, and the issue is brought to the MAS briefing in Beijing.
In China there dozens of angry relative are accusing our country of “delays and deception”. They accuse Malaysia delay and hidden the truth of MH370 from their relative and the people of the world. The relative also think that they were fooled by the Malaysian government. They also think that Malaysia misleading and delaying the rescue operation, wasting a lot of manpower leading to the loss of valuable rescue time.
In the earlier of this issue, the relative of MH370 passengers, with tear-stained, had linked arms and shouted that “Malaysian government had cheated us” and “Malaysia, return our relatives”. The situation has been changed when did not get any answer from Malaysian government. Chinese show their anger by throwing water bottles at the Malaysian embassy and tried to storm the building.
However there is an announcement that the MH370 plane was crashed, it also provoked skepticism to them. The family members said that they will believe that MH370 was crashed into the Indian Ocean if they saw any hard evidence that proof the plane was crashed. This is because there a lot of objects that found is not belong to MH370 and there a lot of speculation that make by people, and this make them to not believe anything without any hard evidence. They also said that they will not believe with the any data or analysis. It is also can simplified that they want to see something from the sea. They need a proof that can believe that saying the MH370 is ended in the Indian Ocean. As family members they said they still feel the presence of their loved one. They are also holding a hope and pray for the entire passenger to back soon. What the family members are really needed is not a word said that the plane was crashed, it is more than that. They need to see the actual part of the plane and it would make them believe that the plane is really crashed. The family members think that the Malaysian government is hiding the real news about MH370.
Other than that, this issue also effected to our countries economic. This is because Chinese tourism is an important contributor to our economic and we used to receive about 30 to 40 customers a month for tours to Malaysia. But after this incident the Chinese holidaymaker is no longer booking holiday package to Malaysia. Many of them cancelled their trips to Malaysia. They said that they no longer choose Malaysia as their tourist place and this will surely affect our country’s economic.
While when we take a look into the diplomatic relationship between China and Malaysia it was 40 year of Sino – Malaysia bilateral relationship among this two countries. As we all know the diplomatic relationship between China and Malaysia were established in 1974 on Tun Abdul Razak Hussein era. From that was started strong bilateral relationship between these two countries. Malaysia is the first...

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