About My Friend Who I Got Motivated Skyline College Essay

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Bajgain 3
Suraj Bajgain
Professor Emil DeAndreis
English 105
07 October 2017
A Quest of Identity
Imagine that you were born in a country with 50.4% of women population where it is an unsatisfactory fact that only 44.5% of them are having access to education. In such a male eccentric society of Nepal, it is a problematic thing to achieve a good standard of education and establish a career and identity of yourself, especially if you are a woman. In the journey of making my career, I came to the United States for my higher Studies. With a plan to major in Computer Science, I joined CSM. I have a vivid memory of international student orientation day where I had an opportunity to meet several new Nepalese people. In the crowd of strangers, in a completely new place, it was an awesome feeling to meet all those Nepalese where I came across to meet this young and beautiful lady Dikshya Upreti. With a puzzled face she asked me if I was a Nepalese too. When I shook my head up and down, she introduced herself and few other Nepalese that she found there. Dressed in jeans and a hoodie she was looking delightful and her cute smile was showing Nepalese nature. Normally, I am shy when it comes to talking to girls. But Dikshya, a girl around five-feet-tall, became friend with me easily because she was approachable.
Born and raised in the Capital of Nepal, Dikshya Upreti had a similar childhood as compared to children of a typical working household. Being an eighteen months elder sister to her only brother, she has considered her brother as her best friend.
“I have always loved my brother and I fear of him getting in touch with wrong guys. So, I have always tried to stay close to him and show him the right path as a responsible sister.”, she smiled. Her father who is the managing director of an INGO named NEWAH, an organization with a goal of improving quality of life through health and sanitation, had never enough time for his family. Her mother, a full-time officer at Nepalese Electricity Authority, didn’t have enough time to look after her children. Because of the busy work life of Dikshya’s parents, she was taken care of by her maternal family.
“I used to get angry towards my parents because I don’t think it is worth working full time and earning money by doing such jobs and not even being able to spend time with their family,” she became distressed. Although, each and everything she wished for used to get fulfilled by her parents, she feels regretful that she just got materialistic love from her parents because of their busy schedules. Moreover, she also fears that she may not get time to spend with her parents as she is abroad now and her parents are growing older with time.
Dikshya, a girl with vision, came to the United States to pursue her bachelor’s...

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