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About Pop Music And How It Has Changed.

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When you think of "pop music" certain celebrities immediately come to mind. People like Brittany Spears and groups like N'SNYC and the Back street boys have become what some people today view as American idols, people that we strive to be like or look like. But the kind of messages that pop artists today are sending out are far removed from the popular music of the 1960's. Music today is extremely disparate than that of the sixties when pop culture turned the world, especially New York, upside down. The Velvet Underground, for starters, wrote their own lyrics. They wrote them about topics that artists today would never dare to touch upon but rather ignore, and didn't care what people thought of them. A deeper meaning runs throughout the music and lyrics of the velvet underground while a sense of irrelevance is prevalent in much of the popular music today.The velvet underground was extremely controversial in a time when the pop world withstood great disapproval. They were the first musicians to openly sing about such divisive aspects of life. While many singers and bands of the 60's portrayed music about peace, love and hippie type music, the velvet underground personified a darker side of life in New York at that time. They took New York and the world by storm with their lyrics and music. Pop music today is much more light-hearted. Touching on subjects like friends, love and happiness. Most of this music can be considered to have no real meaning behind it. While the velvet underground was singing about "heroin addiction, sadomasochism and dead naked sailors lying on the floor" (The Washington Post; Eli Attie), Brittany Spears is singing "oops I did it again", lyrics that mean nothing to most people. The Lyrics and songs of the Velvets are extremely far removed from that of pop singers today.One of the vast differences between the Velvet Underground and Pop music today is the meaning behind the lyrics. The Velvet's songs have countless inner meanings, thou no one truly knows what they are except the band themselves. One song in particular is said to have various meanings besides the obvious, the song is also the most controversial. The lyrics of "Heroine" talk blatantly about the drug heroin. How it feels and how it was self destructive. It also plainly states that the person is trying to nullify their life, disconnect them from what is real, however, that is not all that the song means. "Heroin" is often misunderstood, therefore would of course be the most controversial. In actuality, the song is mainly about an escape. It's about escaping a life of ambiguity and above all, self identification. This particular song talks "about the natural desire to escape from all the pain and uncertainty of life." (Http:// I feel that the velvet's music was so much deeper than pop music today. The band sung about what was really going on in their lives and in the world at that period in time, even...

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