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About Quality Management Procurement Essay

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Procurement is a process that contributes to maintaining quality, cost and time. The procurement system should be planned and built, one component at a time, until a level of reliability is achieved. Procurement planning may combine traditional quality methods, which include contract administration and closeout processes, contractor selection and procurement planning to identify the client’s preferred suppliers. Those involved in procurement management know that suppliers today have electronic capabilities that enable the timely and efficient flow of information, including review and approvals. Agile relies on software and Internet interface, reducing paperwork and ...view middle of the document...

The Internet helps improve company/supplier-shared objectives and bolsters project delivery and team performance, provides information for testing the procedures and
-Traditional -
Many project procurement managers may not take advantage of integrative procurement communications to its fullest extent. 1. Plan: When using traditional models, the project moves from a Project Manager/Engineer to a Developer/Manager/Architect who creates the template, records the needs, and provides pricing, suppliers, contractors and general oversight. 2. Conduct: If the project is accepted, the project manager must move contracts between the client and the vendors, gain a list of preferred suppliers, submit costs, timelines and prospective service providers; 3. Control: the paperwork accumulates, threatening cost effectiveness, quality control; and 4. Close: timely completion (Gabrielle Fennessy, Using Project Management to Drive a Quality System, PMI, November 1-10, 2001, Nashville, Tenn., p. 2).
-Agile –
1. Plan: Agile offers procurement process improvement in a way that businesses can use interactive and integrated procurement communications to access and share information; 2. Conduct: enables more communications with more teams or taskforce meetings to implement better cross-functional collaboration 3. Control: expedites the procurement and execute the requirements of project management; 4. The Close: within a shorter timeframe with assurances of quality control. “Without a relevant and accessible information infrastructure in-person, these meetings can simply be more opportunities for assigning blame, not joint problem-solving,” Frank Cespede, managing partner, Center for...

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