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About Schmidt

This movie is about a sixty-six year old man named Warren Schmidt
who’s a recently retired and widowed. Suddenly he finds himself left
alone to face the loss and changes in his life. He decides to take a
road trip to visit places that he had not been to for a long times and
do some sightseeing before heading off to Denver for his daughter’s

The film starts off with Schmidt’s last day at work before his
retirement, we see him sitting in dull silence in his office staring
at the wall clock as it ticks. As soon as the clock ticks 5, he stood
up and left the room, showing not particular emotion as the audience
may expect.

Then later that night, Schmidt had his retirement dinner at the local
café and it was as ordinary as it could be. People making toasts,
photo displays, a nice cake the shape of the company building … etc.
However when one of Schmidt’s friends made a speech about Schmidt’s
retirement, achievements and how Schmidt is now rich beyond the
monetary kind because ‘he can now retire with all the money and glory
and look back at his life thinking “I did it, I did my job.”’, we see
Schmidt’s smile faded as the camera zoom in to his face as the speech
was made. Clearly, Schmidt does not feel like his has achieved what
his friend said he has in his life.

Warren Schmidt is an ordinary guy with an ordinary life. His life
after retirement is still in a good order. His gets up at 7 a.m. sharp
even though he does not have to go to work anymore, he wife did all
the housework around the house and life at home was comfortable. Any
outsider who sees Schmidt would most probably think that Schmidt is or
at least should be very satisfied with his life. Even his wife would
not think otherwise.

When Schmidt decides to sponsor a child through an organisation called
Child Reach and begins writing letter to the young orphan boy named
Ndugu that he’s sponsoring however, his true self is revealed to the a
boy that he has never met before and to the responder through those
letters, which are all read out in voiceovers.

In his first letter we learn that Schmidt is not happy about his
achievements in life, finds his wife Helen annoying and he doesn’t
like his daughter’s finance Randall and only thing his happy about in
his life is his daughter Jeannie. This segment is quite funny as
Schmidt complained about his wife, the pace of the voiceover speeds up
and with the editing we see different shot his wife’s armpits, her
bottom and Schmidt himself sitting down as he urinates because his
wife made him, amongst his wife’s habits that irritated him.

Then very suddenly and unexpectedly his wife dies and Schmidt realises
how important she was to him, how she looked after him so well and
kept his life comfortable. Without his wife around, Schmidt life

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