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About Social Interaction & Everyday Life With The Internet

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In this day and age and especially as new technologies are brimming; social interaction in the society will be greatly affected. Mark Zuckerberg changed history by inventing Facebook, and publishing his famous story through the Social Networking movie. "The impact of Facebook transcends numbers, though; some scholars believe that it is fundamentally altering the very ways that people interact" (Giddens et al., p. 108). Facebook and all the other vast social networking sites out there these days have greatly impacted the way people communicate with others. We have come more to rely on virtual and technological ways to interact with others lessening the value and importance of sharing face-to-face meaningful time together. Erving Goffman derived at a term to understand and "study the human behavior in contexts of face-to-face interaction"-microsociology. This word explains how and why we do the things we do as we are interacting with one another. The term also relates to "social interaction" defining as 'the process by which we act and react to those around us' (Giddens et al., p. 108).Nonverbal communication occurs through our body language, the way we use gestures and facial expressions to convey a message or though. It doesn't need to be said with words, but a simple shake in the head to show we are pleased at what we are hearing or understanding what is being said will show a lot. Texting, emailing and other ways to communicate people have come a long way to us now replacing close knit interactions and also taking using with it emoticons as an expressive tool showing emotions to people. These emoticons replace emotions of how we're trying to feel by showing it with faces of different sensations to convey it in a message. The emoticons can only go a short way in making the person understand the feeling at hand. "Strongly felt sentiments might be typed in all capitals, a gesture that is considered "shouting" (Giddens et al., p....

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