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About The Life Of Adolf Hitler. When He Was A Boy. To When He Was In Jail. To When He Was Ruler Of Germany.

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Adolf Hitler may just be the most notorious person to ever set foot on earth. The high school drop out wanted to be a painter, until his dream was shattered. Later he joined the army and fought on the side of Germany during WWI. He joined the German Workers Party and was imprisoned for treason. He was later appointed chancellor and wanted to take over the world by getting rid of anyone "sub-human". He launched World War II and upon defeat he ended his own life.On the evening of April 20th, 1889 Hitler was born in the small town of Branau, Austria. He was the son of Alois Hitler, and his third wife Klara Polzl (the son of a minor customs official and a peasant girl) . As a child he went to church regularly and sang in the choir. He was a decent student; he would get good grades in most of his classes. He dropped out of school when he was 16, only having gone to school for 10 years. As a kid he wanted to become an artist or an architect, so he moved to the capital of Austria, Vienna where the Academy of arts was. The first time he tried to get in he wasn't accepted, and in the next year, 1907, he tried and failed again (...was rejected for lack of talent) . There was nothing else he could do. He couldn't apply to the school of architecture, because he had never got his high school diploma.To make money, while he lived in Vienna, Hitler would draw small pictures of famous landmarks and sell them as post cards to make money (...he lived on small earnings from pictures he drew) . He used to read a small newspaper that said that the Arabian race was better than all the others, and would one day rule the earth. The paper blamed Communists and Jewish people for all of their problems and Hitler agreed with most of the information in the paper. He remained poor in Vienna, and in 1913, he decided to move to Munich. Living in Vienna and being Austrian because he was born there, he showed a lot more loyalty to Germany. He thought that the Aryan race was destined to rule the world. When he got to Munich his life wasn't any better and when he lived in Vienna he was still poor. Then in 1914 World War I started and Hitler volunteered for the Imperial army to show loyalty to Germany. He didn't want to fight in the Austrian Army.Germany surrendered in 1918, and he was very upset about that. He thought that it was the Jews and the Communists who betrayed Germany and this was when he might have started to think Anti-Semitic. After the World War I Germany was all messed up. Without a real Government to control it, a lot of groups tried to take control. One day a big communist group started a big riot but another group of ex-soldiers that also included Hitler held them back.There weren't many chances for him getting a job so thus he stayed in the army (...he remained in the army until 1920). Hitler had a job of going to different meetings of groups and to report on them. On Sep. 12, 1919, he was sent to check out a small group that called themselves the "German Workers...

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