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Tourism ResearchStudent ID: 30107392Student Name: Chong Liu (Chris)Teacher Name: Michael PEARLMANClass: BUTSM 1501List of Illustrations1.0 Summary-----------------------------------------------------------------------------12.0 Introduction-------------------------------------------------------------------------13.0 Why we need to tourism marketing------------------------------------------24.0 The 'Bloody Hell need tourism marketing'--------------------------------- 34.1 What is it? ----------------------------------------------------------------------34.2 What they want to do------------------------------------------------------ 34.3 Marketing research as an integral activity-----------------------------34.4 What is the target------------------------------------------------------------3What is the problem --------------------------------------------------------44.6 What effects it has -----------------------------------------------------------45.0 There is nothing like Australia-------------------------------------------------55.1 What is it -----------------------------------------------------------------------55.2 How to do it----- --------------------------------------------------------------55.3 Success or not -----------------------------------------------------------------65.4 Why it can be success--------------------------------------------------------66.0 Conclusion---------------------------------------------------------------------------87.0 Reference ---------------------------------------------------------------------------81.0 SummaryAustralia government believes that tourism will drive the economic development. Tourism is an important contributor to the economy and sustainable development of regional areas in Australia. The 'Bloody Hell' campaign was started by the Australian Government in 2006 to increase the tourist inflow into the country. Australian Destination Marketing Organisation wants to use the ordinary person's mouth to tell other international tourists their own special culture and animation in order to ensure them achieving the target what they want to attract more visitors. They look at Australia as a group. The different people just show the different part of the group. But critics point out that inbound numbers from the three countries where the ad was especially prominent (UK, Japan and Germany) had all fallen. And then Tourism Australia said that a new advertising campaign would be launched very soon and that proper care would be taken to avoid any controversies in its future campaigns. It is 'There is nothing like Australia '. Australians responded by uploading nearly 30,000 stories and photos towww.nothinglikeaustralia.com. These stories now sit within an interactive, digital map of Australia, giving tourists around the world ideas and inspiration for their Australian holiday. They are going to ask each Australian to tell the rest of the world what makes Australia such a special place. This phase of the There's...

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Tourism Essay

830 words - 3 pages In general, the political situation of a country is recognized as an important factor that influences tourism development. A stable political condition is a significant requirement that enables a tourist to visit and travel within the destination country (Hall & O’Sullivan, 1996). When the political situation is instable, tourists will perceive negative image that directly effects the tourism industry. As Neumayer (2004) said tourists are

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2396 words - 10 pages Terrorism attacks have negative impact on tourism industry. We live in very uncertain times. Terrorist attack may happen any time in any country. One of the best known attacks in the UK took a place on 7th July 2005 in London. It was a series of attacks, which targeted people using the public transport, during the morning rush hours. Information published by Sarah Teather MP states that attacks cost the UK tourism industry about £500m


1594 words - 6 pages and complexity of the potential contributors to the tourism product. It is about the buying, selling, managing, marketing of numerous activities and services, which varies from renting hotel rooms, selling souvenirs, and managing an airline to marketing special events (Edgell, 1990). As with any field, one of the first challenges faced in the area of service quality was getting a touch on exactly what it meant. That is, what things do people

Medical Tourism

1055 words - 5 pages To reduce poverty and improve healthcare for citizens, Vietnam must create medical tourism businesses. It is estimated that approximately 7 million people seek for medical care overseas every year, thus Vietnam, where healthcare costs are up to 70 percent cheaper than in the U.S. and the U.K., is able to become a regional hub for health tourism that probably generates many potential opportunities to reduce poverty, accelerate the sustainable

Sustainable Tourism

2291 words - 9 pages be educated about the importance of sustainability and the environment. Awareness talks or schools can educate the public about the severity of their actions and decisions.ConclusionThis essay has discussed about why AT was always believed to be the solution to a more sustainable tourism, however AT does have its limitations. Focusing on AT might be a time bomb. MT, though it is heavily criticized, it is still widely practiced due to the economic

Nature tourism

1009 words - 4 pages nature or trips for activities that are dependent upon a natural setting or resources are often concerned about the quality of the environment and about the sustainability of their lifestyle. Creating sustainable, environmentally friendly tourism destinations is central to nature-based tourism. Moreover, tourism that damages or degrades the quality of the natural resources upon which it depends is not likely to be able to sustain its popularity


1722 words - 7 pages eco-friendly products.This influence of green consumerism upon the tourism market is not easy to discern. Swarbrooke and Horner (1999) suggested that green tourist has not achieved the acceptance that the phrase green consumer has. This does not mean consumers don't care about the tourism industry, but means that they don't rank tourism as much of a problem on the environment. A survey done in 1995 by the MORI in the UK suggested that 64% of the

Wine Tourism

2311 words - 9 pages wine region in British Columbia is dependent on tourism and there is little support from the provincial government. There is also a about shortages and costs creating issues With the colder Canadian climate in comparison to other wine leaders in the world, generally Canada’s wine season is shorter, and has had to adapt by making unique products such as icewines. This has proven to be both a benefit and a challenge because niche markets are

Sex Tourism

2016 words - 8 pages and no doubt in my mind that customers will accept this offer through encouragement, advertisement, or by word of mouth, since of their traveling for business purposes or someone willingly traveled to the destination to purchase sex services. Recently, an article about sex tourism in World Peace Herald online News report stated that today there are about 25 sex tour operators in the United States and about twenty five percents of the

Dark Tourism

1822 words - 8 pages Dark Tourism is associated with death and tragedy. It is hard to visualize the relation between tourism, which is identified as pleasant activity, and death. Dark Tourism existed long time, but recently it has been few reseach about it. There are few reseach indicted what is tourism and what motivate tourist to visit dark sits. Tourist motivation, the question of why they chose this destination than other destinations, is hard to

Adventure Tourism

1670 words - 7 pages Adventure Tourism in India Adventure Tourism in India Trekking in Himalaya The endless scope of adventure tourism in India is largely because of its diverse topography and climate. On land and water, under water and in the air, you can enjoy whatsoever form of adventure in India you want. It is one opportunity for you to leave all inhibitions behind and just let yourself go. The mountainous regions offer umpteen scope for

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This Essay Is About Tourism In Cape Verde And How The Country Is Developing In This Industry And About Its Sustainable Tourism Strategy

2912 words - 12 pages recently. Tourism is relatively recent in Cape Verde as it had its beginning in the 1990s. Since then the development has not stood still, in fact it has been extremely increasing and now the tourism receipts constitute about one-fifth of the economy and a high portion of total exports. Nowadays, the country is totally dependent on tourism, tourists and foreign investors. Being a "tourism-focused" country was not planned by the government or any

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1059 words - 5 pages research show the meaning, importance and the reason why tourist travel. As a result the research showed the value or importance of preserving tourist attraction in the country. It can be read that the nature-based tourism enhances the natural beauty of the landforms and resources that s place have. In the conducted research everyone is encourage to read articles about preservation of tourist attractions. All the knowledge about this is useful to all

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1800 words - 7 pages Canada has become known to the rest of the world as a tourism hot-spot. Tourism spending reached $54.1 billion in 2000, an 8% increase from 1999. However, $37.9 billion were spent by Canadians in foreign Canadian cities; the remaining $16.2 is spent by foreigners. Various reasons account for such figurative spending on tourism. Thus the major reason for tourism in Canada is people holiday/vacation (56%), visiting friends or family (9%), business

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845 words - 3 pages , textiles, chemicals, plastics, candles, boots, cigars, and cigarettes. In addition, silver and gold are mined and salt is produced from seawater. Costa Rica exports coffee, bananas, beef, sugar, cacao, and fertilizer.The people of Costa RicaIn Costa Rica, the population is made up of about 70,000 blacks, 10,000 Indians, 3,460,456 whites, and 64,186 Chinese people. 90 to 95% of the total population of Costa Rica is Roman Catholics, which is