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About Total Quality Management. A Concept Management Assignment.

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Total Quality ManagementQuality management has become one of the most important factors considered by the top management today. Managers place a lot of emphasis on quality today because of the demands of consumers who have become more knowledgeable about what they need and the value that consumers place on quality. The two main priorities that deal with quality are high performance design and consistency in quality levels.Customer driven definitions of qualityConformance to specifications: Consumers place heavy emphasis on quality these days and they expect that the goods they have purchased either meet or exceed the levels of performance that have been advertised. Even in the service sector where tangible outputs are not produced conformance to specifications play a big role. The performance levels deal with factors such as on time delivery or response time for delivery companies such as FedEx or UPS.Value: Consumers today believe in paying for a product according to the value it provides. People do not want to pay high amounts of money for items that do not perform to the expected levels of performance these days.Fitness For use: In this case a customer will consider the features of a product or service and factors such as convenience or ease of use etc. The style, durability, reliability etc all play a big role when a customer assesses fitness for use.Support: Warranties, guarantees or after sales service are the additional features that come with most products. If claims are delayed or the advertisements for a product are misleading then people do not really have faith in the product and may decide against purchasing it or even recommending it to any one else.Psychological impressions: People perceive a product even according to its psychological impressions, which include atmosphere, image and aesthetics. In technical product lines product quality is also judged on the basis of the knowledge and personality of sales people.Continuous improvementContinuous improvement or Kaizen as it is popularly known is also a very popular management theory that has emerged. It supports TQM in many ways. According to Kaizen a company must keep itself up to date and try to improve its manufacturing and other such factors continuously else there is a risk that they may lag behind and a competitor may gain the edge that was previously possessed by the firm. Below are the benefits of Kaizen that have been listed:· Increased productivity - Kaizen improves the manufacturing processes etc thus making it much easier for workers and improving the productivity· Increased Quality- Through continuous improvement the product gets better and better thus givning the firm a competitive edge over its rivals in the industry/market· Decrease in waste.· Improved motivation of work force- Higher productivity and increased profits may also bring a reduction in costs thereby increasing profits. These profits may be shared by distributing bonuses among...

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858 words - 3 pages can remember about this specific company is that our T-shirts had a very important yet true saying which stated "committed to excellence." Each employee was required to wear their T-shirt and many customers would comment on how true our saying was on our shirts.Total Quality Management should have a driven purpose that will be clear for the organizations vision for future decisions, as well as staying focused. Total Quality Management can be

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1594 words - 6 pages " (Melnick, S.A., and Swink, M., 2005). Imai believes that continuous improvements keeps employees focused on the process, allowing them to identify the weaknesses and efficiencies of that process.In addition to the aforementioned pioneers of TQM, many others made significant contributions to the concept. All of the contributions to the concept of TQM have the same message. The objective of Total Quality Management is to establish a culture in which

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3657 words - 15 pages PAGE 2 Total Quality Management(EPSS)Total Quality ManagementIntroductionIn the binging of 1980s, a new idea entered managerial area which is "Total Quality Management (TQM). TQM was heralded by governments, above corporations and the business media as the greatly efficient and exaggerated way out of the economic crisis and into the international market (Misra, 2008, 583-586). TQM claimed not to be a set of techniques but a theory of

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879 words - 4 pages IntroductionNowadays quality has been widely used in various fields and even develop to a management philosophy which is total quality management (TQM). TQM as a managerial tool assists many organizations in their culture and management to get their business success.This report outlines the concept of quality and the historical overview of quality. It explains how quality turn to today's TQM. From TQM would bring out this report's topic, focus

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1279 words - 5 pages representation of team work to ultimately bring success. Reference 1. American Honda Motors, (2011). Honda- how we see things. Retrieved from 2. Murray, M. (2011). Total quality management (tqm).About. Logistics, Retrieved from 3. Scheid, J. (2010, May 26). Tqm and ford motor company. Ford Motor Company, Retrieved from 4. U.S. News Ranking, (2010). U.S. news rankings: cars. Retrieved from

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1007 words - 4 pages styles and quality-focused management styles. In addition, I will explain how total quality management applies to my organization.What is Total Quality Management?Total Quality Management (TQM) views an organization as a collection of processes. It maintains that organizations must strive to continuously improve these processes by incorporating the knowledge and experiences of workers. The simple objective of TQM is to do the right things first

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957 words - 4 pages the internal workings of the organization and focused on creating quality products and services for the consumer. Total quality management focuses on how to please the customer rather than how to produce a product or service. According to Lean Manufacturing Concepts (2006), "one of the major differences between total quality management and traditional management styles is the assignment of the responsibility of the quality to the management