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About Yourself Essay

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If I were to describe myself in 3 words, the 3 words would be: curious, diligent and receptive.
I am eager to learn and keen to seek out new information. At school, I will always ask questions when in doubt and if a certain topic interests me, I will read up and explore beyond the syllabus independently. My curiosity motivated me to take up Raffles Academy Mathematics, H3 Mathematics and SMU H3 Game Theory as I was extremely interested in combinatorics and strategic decision making. I thoroughly enjoyed reading up on the course materials and I believe that my interest and quest to learn helped me to attain distinctions in these subjects. In my free time, I enjoy reading non-fiction books and watching documentaries as they enable me to learn more about the world and people. There are important lessons that could be applied to daily life, for example, by understanding our natural irrational behavior, we can learn ...view middle of the document...

As a result, I was able to score for my first A for GP at A levels. Also, I usually plan timelines and my schedule well to ensure that I will meet deadlines.
I like to listen to the perspectives of others, especially if they are opposed to mine, and consider the possibilities from their point of view. Usually, I like to hear their suggestions before sharing my view as I do not want to miss a potentially good suggestion and I believe the willingness to listen will lead to a happier collaboration. I am open to criticism as I know I cannot consider all aspects of a problem and I do not know myself extremely well. Feedback can also spur me to do better.
My personal goal is to be a lifelong learner by reading, trying new things, observing, asking questions and sharing my knowledge with others. I aim to have a fulfilling college experience by doing well academically, participating in internships and student exchange programs, joining a new CCA club and engaging in a new activity or community service every month.
I am extremely in work related to science and technology. Science reveals the truth of the universe and I will like to apply and promote the use of science and engineering principles to solve problems and meet our needs for example by synthesizing medicine to treat our health ailments on a large scale, purifying water and refining oil before it can be used to generate energy.
I am interested in study chemical engineering as I am good at chemistry and mathematics. I liked both subjects and I want to study something that will combine them in a useful and creative fashion. I especially like how everything I learn in chemical engineering will be applicable in real world and I am amazed at how chemical engineering is needed to produce many of the products we enjoy today from water to plastic to semiconductors as efficient and economically as possible.
I am also considering studying pharmacy as I have always been fascinated by how drugs work. I am keen to study how the cells, tissues and our system respond to the effect of a drug and this will be useful if I choose to go into research, pharmaceutical product development and sales.

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