Above And Beyond The Limits Essay

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The revolution of the human society has come far through the works of modern science and technology. Science is an important factor in our lives when it is used properly for the benefits of all. However, science has not always been used for the sole purpose of creating a better society for the human race. We must understand that the human intellect has its limits and that we can’t use science to eradicate those limits. We are not to abuse or manipulate science but rather use it to serve and strengthen the needs of people. Mohandas Karamachand Gandhi, one of the most influential figures in the modern world, had listed seven ideas that were considered to be the most threatening to mankind. Out ...view middle of the document...

The above shows many positives of genetic engineering, but let us not forget about the disadvantages of what genetic engineer can bring to the world. The people of the world may not know that these animals and products are in fact bad for your body, the community, and the environment. Environmental hazards and health risks have been a huge problem after the creation of GMOs. As these genetically altered plants have been used in the world, they contaminate natural seeds and crops by passing on their modified genes. These can then create new plants that were never meant to be created. In Japan, a GMO plant created an amino acid that was used in protein drinks. This caused severe damage to the citizens as well as several deaths (amoilsgeneticfoods). Even though these genetically altered organisms are able to save the world, the organisms are also killing it. Another negative effect of altered organisms is allergies. Children in the US and Europe have developed allergic symptoms for peanuts and other types of foods. When eating genetically altered foods, people do not know precisely what they are consuming. This can then lead to unpredictable consequences such as the creation of a new allergen (csagmfood). Modified foods can cause allergies, negative effects of the digestive system, and in some cases death. As stated above, GMOs are in 60-70% of the foods in US. As the percentage is increasing every year, the world will soon use GMOs in all products. This will create more negative symptoms for both adults and children
Science in the modern world has been used far to its limits to create weapons of mass destruction that will eventually wipe out mankind. However, if people didn’t have hold of these types of weaponry, they wouldn’t be capable to kill as quick or as easy. As humans live in a materialistic world, they tend to want more from what they posses. There is no sense of limitation in the human mind that tells them when to stop. As humans reach for a high quality lifestyle, conflicts are created which leads to corruption. During World War 2, the first atom bombs were created as a development and research project known as the Manhattan Project. The atomic bombs used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki show how humans used science in way that showed no ethical values. The bombing added many millions of lives lost to the already dreadful amount of people who died in battle. However, it didn’t end here. The bomb produced radiation when it was dropped which killed many people slowly and painfully. This was a traumatic time for Japan since it killed over half of its population, the animals, and the environment (History). This horrific event in history shows how science has been used with inhumane decisions instead of it being used to create a more unified and strong world. For the present and the future of the human population, we must understand that these past events are trying to tell us what is right from wrong. The horrors of the war shows millions of lives...

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