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Abraham Bram Stoker, born in Dublin on November 8, 1847, was an Irish novelist, theatre critic and short story writer. As a child, Stoker was often ill and he spent most of his time in bed. His mother, who was as a charity worker and a writer, told him horror stories that, most likely, had influenced his later writings. The ones he found most interesting were the stories about the cholera epidemic in 1832, which killed thousands of people in Europe and North America. In 1864, Stoker enrolled at the University of Dublin, and there attended Trinity College. He began working as a civil servant at Dublin Castle and a part time journalist and drama critic. Despite being sick a lot as a child, he ...view middle of the document...

The interesting fact is, thou he has never visited Eastern Europe, the setting for his most famous novel takes place right there.
While he was still settled in Dublin, he wrote his first book “The Duties of Clerks of Petty Session in Ireland”, published later in 1879. With both his active personal and professional life, he managed to continue on writing and publishing novels. In 1890 he travels to a small fishing village of Whitby in Yorkshire, where he finds inspiration for his masterpiece, Dracula. Dracula has been assigned to a many literary genres, among which are vampire literature, horror fiction, gothic novel and invasion literature. In 1897, his masterpiece gets published, rising Stoker’s popularity sky high. Many theatrical, film and literary adaptations derive from this book, like 1922’s film “Nosferatu” and 1931’s “Dracula”. Dracula is considered as a “straightforward horror novel” that is based on imaginary creations of the supernatural. The first manuscript of Dracula had the handwritten title “UN-DEAD” on its cover page, and it consisted of 541 pages. The manuscript was believed to have been lost, but founded in the 1980’s in Pennsylvania.
Sir Henry Irving died from suffering a stroke in 1905 during a play on a tour in Bradford and not so long after that, Stoker had one too, but managed to recover. During that time, Stoker writes and publishes “Personal Reminiscence of Henry Irving” in 1906, a book about the famous English author and...

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