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Abraham Lincoln Assassination: The Shot That Altered A Nation

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Abraham Lincoln, could easily be considered the hero that saved a broken nation. Without his intuition, integrity, and inner drive the United States would have fallen a long time ago. In the present day a person does not run for president with only receiving a year of formal education. People do not self-educate themselves to practice law, nor are they so trustworthy that anyone would loan them money and material goods without any concern of being paid back. Of course, Abraham Lincoln was no ordinary man. At a young age he was aware that his life was meant for greater things than just a life on a farm. However, he probably never dreamed that he would be the leading commander in ending slavery. Nor, that his life would be cut short by an outraged southern sympathizer after the victory was won. When John Wilkes Booth fired the derringer at the back of President Lincoln’s head all he was considering was the wrath that he felt inside. He did not care that he cheated the African Americans of equality, or stripped away the nation’s leader in a desperate time of reconstruction.
Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12th, 1809. He was born into an indigent family which left him with very few educational opportunities. His family resided on a farm, and had no interest in providing their children with a formal education. His father, Thomas Lincoln, seen attending school as a waste of time. He believed that the children should be on the farm assisting their family to make ends meet. Nonetheless, Abe disagreed with his father. Unlike his father, Abraham did not have a passion for manual labor. He despised it to say the least. Lincoln often longed for the opportunity to get an education, and most of all to learn to read. Unfortunately the labor of the Lincoln children was economically crucial on their father’s farm, and limited Lincoln to only a short amount of time at a local A.B.C school (Gienapp, pg.2). However, there would be an adult who became a part of Lincoln’s life, and recognized his true potential.
When Abe was nine years old tragedy struck his family. His mother, Nancy Lincoln, was poisoned from drinking toxic milk and passed away. Even though Abe had lost his mother, he would also gain a loving mentor, Sarah Bush Johnston. When Sarah Bush Johnston married Thomas Lincoln she immediately noticed the potential in his unique son. What Thomas had ignored and viewed more as an annoyance in his son, Sarah nurtured and motivated. She was indeed Lincoln’s “saving grace”. Sarah brought something into Lincoln’s life that he had desperately longed for, books. She assisted him to learning how to read. “Her warm heart nourished and sustained him, and her really good mind understood and protected his determined groping for knowledge from his eleventh year until he reached manhood” (Coleman, pg.1).
Lincoln continued to assist his father on their family farm, and participated in odd jobs to help the family with financial needs. However, that all changed...

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