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Abraham Lincoln President During The Civil War

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Abraham Lincoln - President During the Civil War

Abraham Lincoln was assuredly one of the greatest presidents in
American history. This is demonstrated by his effective administration
during the Civil War, the creation of policies that benefited everyone in
the United States and the efforts that kept the United States from
splintering during the Civil War and from its aftermath.

Lincoln made excellent decisions in the Civil War. He guided his
nation from being torn apart by conflict. He reacted quickly when the War
was suddenly sprung upon him. His blockade of the southern ports weakened
the south by stopping its income from trade and his immediate expansion of
the Union Army gave the north a powerful battalion to combat the
Confederacy. Some of his actions were controversial, such as suspension of
habeas corpus (the right to protest unlawful imprisonment of a person and
take it to court) for certain Confederate supporters who were too loud in
their support, but it prevented unrest when unity was needed to fight the
Confederacy. Lincoln appointed generals that, though not always successful,
were competent, including the famed Ulysses S. Grant. Lincoln kept
national unity, moderating his own views of slavery to keep the border
states of Kentucky, Missouri, Delaware and Maryland. He managed to stop
and European nations from interfering with his foreign diplomacy and his
speeches, such as the famed Gettysburg address, held the peoples's support
to him and the Union.

During the Civil War, all was not concentrated on the battle on the
field. Life did go on, however nervously, and out of this period arose
several beneficial policies of Lincoln's. These policies aided towards the
peaceful and prosperous nation in the United States today. Economically,
the policies Lincoln created were ideal. The first federally controlled
paper money was issued in 1861, establishing a secure standard of money,
one not threatened by failure in any way. To the settlers were granted 65
hectares of public land by the Homestead Act, free of charge, beginning in
1862, enhancing the growth of the United States and bringing more people to
create a thriving population. President Lincoln's policies also promoted
national unity...

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