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Abraham Lincoln Research Paper

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Abraham Lincoln was a man with the perseverance to accomplish anything he set his mind to. He was a great speaker and writer, as well as a great politician who was able to stick to his convictions even when they weren’t that popular. All of these factors made him into one of the best presidents our country has ever had. To better understand Abraham Lincoln, a person should examine his childhood, his personal trials and his love for the United States of America.
Abraham Lincoln’s childhood showed he had ambition from an early age. He was born into a poor Kentucky family on February 12, 1809. Neither one of his parents could read or write. His father didn’t think educating Abraham or his ...view middle of the document...

S. senate in 1855 and in 1859 and being defeated both times before being elected president on November 6, 1860.
Finally, a person should understand Abraham’s love for the United States of America. From his early years, Abraham Lincoln thought slavery was wrong. However, “he feared that efforts to force abolition on the South would only lead to violence.” (Lincoln: A Photobiography,46) Lincoln loved the nation and didn’t want it divided over the issue of slavery, nor did he want war and bloodshed. He hoped slavery would “gradually die a natural death” (Lincoln: A Photobiography, 48) as new stated we added to the Union. When he became president, however,, southern states began to secede from the nation, because they were afraid Lincoln would force them to get rid of their slaves, which was not Lincoln’s goal when he became president. Because Lincoln loved our country and wanted to preserve it, he had no choice but to fight back. on April 15, 1861, he issued a proclamation for 75,000 militia volunteers. Lincoln still didn’t want war. According to Freedman, Lincoln is quoted saying, “When I think of the sacrifice yet to be offered and the hearts and homes yet to be made desolate before this...

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