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Abraham Lincoln’s Use Of Veto Power

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Abraham Lincoln born in 1809 was the President of United States before he was assassination in 1865.Many scholars refer him to as the greatest president the United State has ever had in history. One among his major achievements was the successful lead of the American country during the great internal crisis. He sealed the Union of the country and fought slavery to the end. Lincoln was a lawyer, after which he became a legislator representing the Illinois state. He was a member in the House of Representatives through an election. In family matters Lincoln was said to as loving, kind, a husband and a father of four. Donald 2001 pp.69).
Background information
Today the word presidential veto does not come out in the United States Constitution, but Article I require that bills, orders, resolutions or other act of legislation by the Congress be brought to the President for his approval (Belz 1998 p 136). Normally the President is presented the bill, he can either sign it into law or may return the bill to the originating the Congress with his objections to the bill the appropriate constitutional term used is a veto, or neither sign nor return it to Congress after having been presented the bill for ten days exempting Sundays in cases where the Congress is still in session, the bill becomes a law; otherwise, the bill does not become a law and is considered a pocket veto according to the US constitution (Donald 2001 p.112).
Literature review
During his first inaugural speech, in 1861, he expanded the nature of democracy by denouncing secession as anarchy, shedding light to popular rule by balancing the restraints that governed the American system ( Angle 1992 p.64). He believed on a true sovereign with entailed free people achieved via constitutional checks and limitations, and often changing easily through deliberate changes to popular opinions and sentiments. (Belz, 1998).
Lincoln went by the presidency Whig theory which gave Congress the sole responsibility to write the laws and at the same time ensure that the Executive enforced them. During his presidency term Lincoln ensured that four bills were vetoed and passed by Congress namely; the Wade Davis Bill which was a harsh program of reconstructing the states by seeking to reunite the country by a policy of generous reconciliation (Donald 2001 p.137). He signed the Homestead Act in 1862, where millions of acres of government held land in the West available for purchase at very low cost (p138). The Morrill Land Grant Colleges Act, also signed in 1862, provided the government of the day grants for agricultural colleges in each particular state (Donald 1996 p. 36). The Pacific Railway Acts of 1862 and 1864 granted federal Government support for the construction of the United States, First Transcontinental Railroad, to completed in 1869 ( Donald 2001p 256). Passing the Homestead Act and the Pacific Railway Acts was made possible through the absence of Southern congressmen and senators who had...

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