Abraham Lincoln Vs. George Washington Essay

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Yoel Shernofsky
Lincoln and Washington are usually the top two admired Presidents of the USA’s presidential history. However, they do not have as many similarities in their career as presidents. One would expect that their leadership styles would be similar being they are the two presidents who were in office and in charge at the time of two most famous American Wars, which in fact both fought for federal liberty. But however, their similarities have about nothing to do with their presidency
Their Military experience affected their leadership. Washington had extensive experience in the military, and became a general to fight in an Indian war. Washington was ‘a handsome and ...view middle of the document...

". Washington as well as Lincoln was known for having an explosive anger, but for their ability to control it, and not lashing out on their lack of proper militia.
Both were cautious with how they used their words. For example, Washington said almost nothing when in public during the Constitutional Convention. Lincoln told stories well, however when he had to speak about his private thoughts, “the most close-mouthed man” he had ever known." was what a friend said about him. Both considered themselves conflict settlers. Both possessed the ability to predict some upcoming events. Washington predicted that new nations in the West with outside connections would disrupt and threaten the United States; Therefore Washington vigorously disagreed with the plan to raise an American army that would release Louisiana from Spanish rule, creating a free-nation under the French control. Lincoln’s best-known instance of forward thinking is the "House Divided” the memorable speech in which he foresaw that America would eventually end in its plan to become half-slave or half-free and would become one or the other.


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1311 words - 5 pages . Grant and the war was over. Lincoln’s Assassination Reconstruction began during the war as early as 1863 in areas under Union military control. Abraham favored minimum retribution and quick reunification. He was confronted for his beliefs by a radical group of Republicans in the senate and house they wanted complete allegiance and repentance from the confederates. Before the political battle began Lincoln was assassinated on April 14, 1865 by John Wilkes Booth at Ford’s Theater in Washington D.C. Works Cited http://www.biography.com/people/abraham-lincoln-9382540?page=4

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