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Abs Kitchen Essay

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Executive SummaryAB's Kitchen LLC is a start-up fast food health restaurant that offers affordable organic and healthy options for families and individuals on the go. The restaurant will be located in Racine, Wisconsin,catering to the lower-middle to upper-middle class families and individuals. We offer an array of high quality healthy and organic food and beverages, along with some natural supplements. Our customers will enjoy our friendly and knowledgeable staff that focus on helping our customers in living a healthier lifestyle.This business plan is prepared to obtain financing in the amount of $495,600 to purchase inventory, equipment, and to help cover expenses in the first year of operations. Katrina Dakin, Joseph Fischer, and Elisabeth Bates will own and operate the restaurant together as a team. They will provide $75,000 in cash as an equity investment to be used in start-up costs, equipment purchases, and operating capital.The sales forecasts used in this plan are summarized below and show a profit by the second year ofbusiness. Also included in this business plan are a couple of sensitivity analysis that show a moreconservative plan taking into consideration environmental elements out of the control of the owners. ObjectivesDevelop AB's Kitchen LLC into a profitable, and well known fast food restaurant in Racine, Wisconsin.To begin and maintain a gross profit margin of 40% or above for the first year.To achieve a substantial net profit by the end of year three.Business ConceptOur mission is to provide our customers with healthy, delicious and nutritious meals and beverages. The food and drink that we sell meets the highest standards of quality, freshness, and nutrition. We not only provide our customers with food to satisfy their hunger, but also provide our customers' bodies with fuel to facilitate the process of making themselves better, stronger, and healthier.Our sales not only help to support the health of our customers, but also the health of our local economy. We value our local agriculture and have partnered with local organic farmers to ensure the best quality for our customers and region. In order to meet customer demands during the local off season, we have partnered with organic farmers from other regions in the US, supporting our organic farmers nationwide. We proudly serve seasonal items, standing behind our belief that if it's not naturally grown, it's not good for our customers or environment. AB's Kitchen's passion for the health of our customers and planet, is the priority and lifeblood of our business, and this is what differentiates us from the fast food competition.AB's Kitchen was created based on inspiration for continuous self-improvement. Both adults and children will enjoy the taste and benefits of our all natural elements. Whether it's a protein shake after the gym, lunch with friends, or a dinner after a long day at work with starving children in the back seat, AB's Kitchen is here to serve our busy customers...

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