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Abstinence And Your Future Essay

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Many people do not understand the meaning of abstinence. Some believe that abstinence is not having vaginal intercourse but they can enjoy other kinds of sex play that don't lead to pregnancy mostly known as outercourse. Some people believe that abstinence is not having vaginal intercourse when a woman might get pregnant. This form of sexual activity as Periodical abstinence, this type of abstinence is based on the fertility awareness methods of birth control. Abstinence is defined as practicing restraint oneself from indulging in something. Using this definition in sexual activity we can describe abstinence as practicing restraint from indulging or having any type of sexual activity. Practicing abstinence is refraining from oral, anal and vaginal sex.
As teenagers many of us don’t understand the importance of abstinence especially now that we have media influence and peer pressure but the truth is that being bullied and being grief stricken is not cool. Disadvantages of ...view middle of the document...

Soon after the night Brittney, started to get depressed and she drew away from Ray and all of her other friends and later that year she suspected that she was pregnant. She snuck out and took a pregnancy test and it turns out that she was pregnant. Along with Brittney getting pregnant she also tested HIV positive. Brittney life was changed right before her eyes. If Brittney and Ray practiced abstinence, Brittney wouldn’t have tested HIV positive and sooner or later would get AIDs which would ultimately lead to her death leaving the child that she had conceived with Ray alone on the world that she brought him or her into.
There are benefits to practicing abstinence such as prevent pregnancy, preventing STDs and STIs, having fun with romantic partners without the complexity of sexual involvement, being able to support personal, moral, or religious beliefs and values and/or easier recovery time when getting over a breakup. Many people ask how is abstinence 100% effective in preventing pregnancy and most STIs and STDs? Abstinence is 100% effective because if two people don't practice sexual intercourse, then the male sperm isn’t able fertilize an egg so, there's no possibility of the woman’s pregnancy. There are some forms of birth control that are dependent on barriers that prevent the sperm from reaching the egg, such as condoms. This makes abstinence the most effective birth control, because the person is not having sexual intercourse therefore the sperm never gets to the egg.
Abstinence and its benefits to your future
Choosing abstinence can lead to healthier relationships for the present and the future. Choosing abstinence allows you to focus on getting to know your partner without the complexity of sex or it becoming the focus of the entire relationship you have. Also abstinence allows you to have confidence that your partner that actually loves you for you and not what you can give them. In your marriage, you will be able to be confident that you spouse in committed to you if they had the strength to wait for you demonstrate the self-control to wait until marriage. The relationship both of you would have is built on a solid foundation based on what you have in common mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually, instead of being distracted by the physical attraction.

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