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Abstinence Only? Essay

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What does it take to stop teen pregnancies and the spread of STD’s? Does it take it to happen to the ones you love to try to stop it? Sex education in school is a major controversial idea around the world. Tolerance is when people deal with or accept something even though they may not agree with it. Sexual education in school is based on what students need to know to be protected. The schools that do not teach sexual education, teach the idea of abstinence. Abstinence is the idea of retaining from any sexual activity to stay “pure” until marriage. Schools focus on teen pregnancies, STD and HIV prevention, dating violence,body image, and healthy relationships. Sexual education in schools is a occurring problem in society over the years.

The early part of the 1912 teachers were being trained to teach sexual education in schools. In 1940 the health and safety department highly advocated sex ed in schools but by the 1960’s the controversy sexual education in had started (Pardini). Sex education slowly started to stop being sex education it was being turned into abstinence only programs. 1998, twenty percent of states retained to teaching abstinence and fifty-one bills were being considered by state legislatures. Congress committed 250 million dollars from federal funds over five years to promote abstinence until marriage in 1996. “By the 1970’s, legislatures in the 20 states had voted to restrict or abolish sexuality education.” (Donovan). Sex education has slowly progressed to being a problem in society.

Sexual education in society is being controlled as what the government want then what the people want. In fact 80 to 90 percent of adults support sexual education in schools. Also 80 percent of schools require instruction about prevention (Donovan). Why is sex ed such a problem if such high numbers support sexual education in schools? According to Florsheim most college students find sexual education complex. “Consent is an issue i think most teens are misinformed about.”(Florsheim). Research shows that schools that teach sexual education improves the sexual health outcomes of young people but most adults have not had comprehensive sex education (sex education talking to teenagers). Most of the misunderstanding of sexual education is in young boys or even men. “boys are part of the missing equation of sex education. We...

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