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Abstinence Only Sex Education Does Work. Essay

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Abstinence-only Sex Education does work.
Teenage sexual activity has sparked an outcry within the nation. With such activity comes a high price. Studies have shown that there has been a significant rise in the number of children with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), emotional and psychological problems, and out-of-wedlock childbearing. Sex has always been discussed publically by the media, television shows, music and occasionally by parents and teachers in educational context. Teens hear them, and as the saying goes, “monkey see, monkey do”, they are tempted to experiment with it. Therefore, it is important for every teenager to be aware of the outcome associated with premature-sex. If students are educated about the impact of premature-sex, the chances of childbearing at an early age and that of receiving STDs could be lowered ( The abstinence-only sex education programs for teens have proven to be effective in reducing early sexual activity. These programs encourage self-restraint from sex until marriage. It also teaches one to take personal responsibility and endure marital commitment. It is aimed at “reducing out-of-wedlock childbearing among teens, improving a child’s well-being, and increasing adult happiness over the long term” (Rector). Therefore, Abstinence-only education must be the kind of sex education promoted or mandated in high schools.
In the past years, many school-based programs have been initiated for the lone purpose of delaying the initiation of sexual activity among teens. Schools always play an important role in equipping youths with the knowledge base to make the right decisions and help them build up a healthy lifestyle. “The school is in fact the only institution in regular contact with a sizable proportion of the teenage population with virtually all youth attending it before they initiate sexual risk-taking behavior” (Silva).
Programs that encourage abstinence have become a vital part of school systems in the US. These programs are usually referred to as abstinence-only or value-based programs while other programs are called as safer-sex, comprehensive, secular or abstinence-plus programs which on the contrary promote the usage of effective contraception. Although abstinence-only and safer-sex programs disagree with one another, their core values and stand on the aims of sex education is to help teens develop problem-solving skills and the skill of good decision-making. They believe that adolescents will be better prepared to “act responsibly in the heat of the moment” (Silva). Most programs that have been currently implemented in the US have seen a delay in the initiation of sex among teens which proves to be a positive and desirable outcome (Silva).
Statistics from recent studies suggest that only 13% of U.S. teens have ever had sex by the age of 15. But by the age of 19, seven in ten teens of both sexes have had sex. Between 1995 and 2006-2008, the percentage of teens aged 15-17 who had ever...

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