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Abstinence: The Solution To Abortion Essay

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Abortion is the operation to end a pregnancy by removing a fetus or an embryo from the womb. This topic has been one of the most prominent controversies in the United States. A human’s life is special in all stages and should not be taken away for any reason. The robbing of someone’s life at any point is morally wrong and is a crime according to religion and the law regarding murder. If one cannot assume the responsibilities of taking care of a human until they are able to survive on their own, then intercourse is not recommended.
Pro – life groups believe that from the point of fertilization, a new life is being carried by its mother. According to the Central Illinois Right to Life, a baby develops a heartbeat at eighteen days. Though it is not yet a physical human, the beating heart should signify that a human regardless of anything else. The Pro – Life Action League also states that a baby can feel pain nine weeks after its conception. If one was to abort a baby around nine weeks or after, a baby would die a horrid death before it has even been able to do anything and would feel everything.
Pro – choice groups feel as though that a woman can exercise the right to abort at any stage of her pregnancy. These rights are called reproductive rights whereas pro – life groups fight for fetal rights. These groups also believe that for any reason a woman can terminate the pregnancy. According to Women’s Health, birth control failure, the ending of an unwanted pregnancy,...

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