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Before the development of the generic integration of file storage providers begins, we discovered two methods for the integration. The first method is to integrate the provided API from each file storage provider individually. The second method is to integrate the file storages connector API. We have performed several experiments to evaluate the several factors such as compatibility and effectiveness of the integration system to KnowledgeWorker. The conclusion of the evaluation for both methods are respectively explained in the next paragraphs.
The individual API integration utilizes the provided API for each file storage provider. Developers can maximize the features and configuration that are provided by each file storage API. Developers also have the full control over the customization of the integration. Somehow, the learning curve of this integration method is very high. Regarding the style and structure of each file storage API, developers need to understand the behaviors and how to configure each API to the system. Another disadvantage is the updating of each API. The more APIs integrated to the application the more updating and maintenance are require to perform. Numerous cloud file storage providers are available nowadays. Mostly, they offer a free space for limited usages to the users. One user has the possibility to use multiple cloud file storages, e.g., use Google Drive for the collaboration with the colleagues. Thus, a numerous of popular file storages integrations are inevitable. The maintenance of each file storage API’s integration will become a burden to the developers and likely to have an implicit impact for the further development.
In contrast, the integration of file storages connector API is an online API service that acts as a middle layer between an application and cloud file storages’ APIs. It is a JavaScript library that facilitates the developers by the integration of 17 popular file storages providers into one place [10]. The file storages connector API provides by a company name “INK Mobility” and call “INK Filepicker API”. Developers do not need to spent abundant time to implement a number of file storage API integration. Furthermore, the file storage connector API offers a web console for the API configuration, e.g., set the maximum file size for uploading, and customization, e.g., adding a company’s logo. Nevertheless, the file storages connector API is commercial product. The free service plan comes...

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