Absurdity As Advertising Essay

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AbstractThree logical fallacies will be examined and critical thinking will be applied to examples of advertising. Discussions will include the following:-Ad verecundiam will be discussed with an example of a Lipitor television commercial.-Non sequitur will be discussed with an example of a Lexus commercial.-Argument from analogy or false analogy will be discussed with an example of the Saab commercial.Advertisements are designed to stimulate the mind. From a cute puppy that represents a cell phone company to a diet pill that can make hundreds of pounds melt off of your body, absurdity in advertising is rampant. Companies are willing to juxtapose incongruent images into consumers' minds. The more extreme the image, the better. "Absurd ads are more likely to be noticed, and they are likely to be processed extensively."(Cathcart, 2006)The methodology of the advertisers is simple enough. The more absurd the commercial or advertisement the more likely consumers are to purchase our products. If the companies were not having great success and their products were not selling in vast quantities, this type of advertising would not continue to be used. So long as absurdity is greasing the wheels of the capitalism train, the company does not care if the facts are presented so long as consumers are willing to buy their products. The assumption is that consumers are willing to gobble up vast quantities of products if social acceptance is inherent.Example one:Ad verecundiam and LipitorAd verecundiam is defined by Wikipedia.com as:"An appeal to authority or argument by authority is a type of argument in logic, consisting on basing the truth value of an otherwise unsupported assertion on the authority, knowledge or position of the person asserting it. It is also known as argument from authority, argumentum ad verecundiam (Latin: argument to respect) or ipse dixit (Latin: he himself said it). It is one method of obtaining propositional knowledge, but a fallacy in regards to logic, because the validity of a claim does not follow from the credibility of the source. On the other hand, there is no fallacy involved in simply arguing that the assertion made by an authority is plausible: it is likely true, we just don't know for sure, because authority alone is not a proof." (Wikipedia, 2006)The endorsement of a celebrity does not substantiate the validity of the claims made by a company. If a famous basketball player is endorsing toothpaste, it does not make the toothpaste better.The Lipitor commercial opens to a vast body of water and a person standing in the foreground. The person introduces himself as Doctor Robert Jarvik. Dr. Jarvik is well known in the field of cardiology as the inventor of the artificial heart. Dr. Jarvik goes on to describe how high cholesterol can lead to heart disease. He goes further to state that taking Lipitor as prescribed by your physician in conjunction with a good diet and exercise can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.Dr....

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