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Abuse In Foster Care Essay

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“About two-thirds of children admitted to public care have experienced abuse and neglect, and many have potentially been exposed to domestic violence, parental mental illness and substance abuse” (Dregan and Gulliford). These children are being placed into foster care so that they can get away from home abuse, not so they can move closer towards it. The foster children’s varied outcomes of what their adult lives are is because of the different experiences they grew up with in their foster homes. The one-third of those other foster children usually has a better outcome in adult life than the other two-thirds, which is a big problem considering the high percentage of children being abused in their foster homes. Although, the foster care system has most definitely allowed children to experience the positive home atmosphere that they need there is still an existed kind of abusive system in the foster care program that is unofficial but seems to be very popular. Foster care focuses on helping children in need of a temporary stable environment; however, foster care can have negative impacts to the children and the people around them concerning the foster child going through the transition, the parents of the foster child, a new sibling relationship, and problems that arrive later influencing the foster child long-term.
Listening to a child’s viewpoint in today’s world is one technique to fully understand what they are thinking about and why they would be thinking about it. These children are having a horde of thoughts streaming through their mind with the foster children transitioning into a new home and receiving a new family. Although, the foster child is not the only one feeling anxious about the switch into another home but the foster family is nervous of what will occur when the child arrives. The new environment the child has to adapt to is essentially the idea of moving in with a new family with the child frequently wondering if it will be different from home, more like home, or about the in-between. Although, if the child does not approve of the family or the family’s lifestyle he/she can ask the child welfare workers to change foster homes, which they usually do. The foster care program likes to avoid the homes that abuse the foster child in any way, shape, or form. Usually the child does not enjoy the foster home during the first segment of the transition, but after some time adjusting to the surroundings and getting to know more people their own age the child will feel comfortable at the family foster home.
Foster children are placed in foster homes because of their parents participating in physical, emotional, sexual, or psychological abuse, and/or neglect towards their children; however, the parents of the foster children are affected by their children being put into foster homes and therefore has complex feelings towards the program. Parents usually put up a defensive shield when people tell them how to raise their child, and they...

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