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Abuse Of Narcotic Painkillers Essay

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If there were an industry that made millions every day helping the sick and fighting for the betterment of mankind would you believe it? What if there was a field of work that strived when the economy began to collapse? A field that made millions as the economy became the first headline on every syndicated news program from California to New York, would you believe it?
The irony in this is that the same industry that makes its millions healing you is making millions killing you. Oxycotin, Lortab, Fentanyl, the name changes but the effects remain the same. Doctors who are fully aware of the addictive qualities of these substances over prescribe a drug that is mass produced by a single company, Perdue Pharma. From young aspiring athletes whose fate met a horrible injury to an average American recovering from a work site accident, Perdue Pharma has their hand in your recovery.
Perdue Pharma issues their drugs to hospitals around the globe and leaves the rest up to the patient and the doctor, which tends to take a drastic turn for the patient nearing the final stretch of recovery. The doctor’s involvement can only move so far, from checking in to checking out, you’re covered but as soon as you leave that hospital it’s all left to you. In your home there is no nurse on call, no safety net to catch you if the worst were to come to fruition, it’s all you. When it comes to teens and young adults the chances of abuse are almost doubled as there seems to be less control on the use of these drugs. Either the parent believes their child is in too much pain and gives more than the amount stated on the bottle or the side effects that come with the painkiller are too much for the patient to handle so the parent reduces the amount given, which leaves pills leftover which can pose a problem later on if the teen decides to experiment with the leftover painkillers.
This may seem like a what-if scenario but this is an extremely common occurrence which has led to thousands of lawsuits and settlements attacking Perdue Pharma for the teenagers and adults who ended up overdosing. Sean McCabe from the University of Michigan monitored 3,000 teens between 2011 and 2012. The study had odd variables taken into account such as race, gender, and ethnicity. While the race and ethnicity didn’t make a difference, gender proved to be a big factor in the misuse of the drugs. Sean McCabe found that “teenage girls were nearly twice more likely to have misused prescription pain killers in the past year than teenage boys”. McCabe and his colleagues at the university stumbled upon the revelation that “most teens who misuse narcotic painkillers hope to get relief from pain”.
The majority of the teens used painkillers to numb pain, both emotional and physical, and while the study used race and ethnicity as variables McCabe left out one major variable, how many of these teenagers were athletes. Athletes are a group that are constantly injured and continuously...

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