Abuse Of Power In The Movie Power, Politics, And Conflict

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Causes of the Problem
Power, Politics, and Conflict
Throughout the movie, there is very obvious abuse of power by managers in all three working environments. Power is the ability that an individual has to influence the behaviour of another individual and oppose any unwanted pressure in return (Mann, 2013). In Nick’s case, his boss holds his authority over Nick by implying the possibility of a promotion only to reward himself (Scott, 2011). Nick’s boss is in control of who receives promotions thus falsely giving hope to Nick that he will be receiving a reward in the near future. This is a clear abuse of reward power. Kurt’s boss exploits his power by forcing Kurt into firing employees for no real reason (Scott, 2011). Kurt’s boss is abusing his legitimate power to force Kurt into tasks that he does not want to do. Lastly, in Dale’s case, his boss sexually harasses him, holding her authority over him. Dale’s boss threatens to punish him through ...view middle of the document...

First extrinsic motivation is present in Nick’s case. The false idea that he may receive a reward motivates him to work harder to gain the promotion. Nick believes that his work performance is based on whether or not he will receive the promotion. When he does not receive the promotion, he is no longer motivated to work hard.
The plot of the movie display’s all three characters intrinsic motivation. After the abuse each character suffers from their managers, Nick, Kurt, and Dale, decide to take matters into their own hands and stop the abuse of power that each boss has. Each character becomes intrinsically motivated to rid their organizations of their bosses. This motivation is based on the task serving as a reward in itself.
Organizational Structure
Throughout the movie, each organization has a weak chain of command. Each character has difficulty working with their manager and has no way of reporting it to a higher authority. With a weak chain of command, the characters believe that they have to solve their problems on their own which presents as difficult. With a proper chain of command put in place, each character has someone of a higher power to speak with if an issue arises at work.
The main character’s work environments have a high level of centralized decision making. Only the manager’s in the movie are allowed to make decisions, while all employees are expected to adhere to top authorities. This leaves no room for discussion or lower level employees to have an input in the decision making within the organizations.
There is a lack of justice throughout the movie. In all three situations, there is a lack of procedural justice. All three boss make all the decisions, again resulting in highly centralized organizations. Next, distributive justice is present. Distributive justice is the perceived equality of decision making outcomes (Mann, 2013). For example, there is a lack of justice in Nick’s case. His boss reveals there is a promotion coming up, implying that Nick may receive it, however, he then promotes himself. Thus distributive justice is not apparent within the organization, as the decision outcome was not allocated according to proper rules.

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