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Throughout this course, topics such as the transition from high school to college, learning skills, self-discovery, and career exploration have been discussed. Conversations occurred concerning the challenges and benefits of private and public colleges as well as the transition from high school to college. We also talked about our strengths and weaknesses while studying. Finally we talked about the jobs that we wanted, and the jobs we would be good at. During the rest of this paper, I will go into more detail about the topics we discussed; and go more in detail with what I learned.
During my transition to college I have learned and experienced many things which include more work, how to ...view middle of the document...

After learning all of this information as stated above my view on academics changed I believe now that to succeed in life you must go to college and do the best you can do. I used to think that I will graduate and go to community college and get some random degree and go get a job which is not a bad thing to do many people do this; however I now want to go to ICC for two years then transfer to another college preferably UNC Asheville and take part in their biochemistry program. But to get their I must use all the skills that I learned in ACA 115 and apply them to the best of my ability.
During this course I have learned many things I did not know about myself such as my peak motivators, my values, and my interest. Some of my peak motivators are raises, and promotions. Also some of my values are trust, and independence in the work place. Finally some of my interest are mainly in the science field such as biology and chemistry I also found microbiology to be a very interesting field and if possible I would like to study it further. In ACA 115 when we learned about are motivators, values, and interest we were told to study them and wonder why these were what they were after studying my results I was astonished to see my motivators and values. But my interest have been the same for a very long time except for microbiology. What shocked me the most was when I found out that raises and promotions were some of my top motivators I personally never cared about money or rising in the ranks that much.
The best part about this course was that we got to search and research jobs we wanted in the future some people found out they didn’t want said job others it only strengthened their want to pursue this career. My career choice was biochemistry and like the latter of the two my results only strengthened my resolve I now want to pursue a doctorate in biochemistry and possibly a bachelors or masters in microbiology. the reason behind this career choice is that the human body, mind, and...

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