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Often students can't succeed following a normal instructional plan, so we help them out in many different ways. Teachers and support staff members need to know what help is available. Together, we can ensure every student gets what he or she needs to be successful.The following list is not in any particular order. Accommodations are made for students as they are needed, in an order unique to that student. In addition, this list is dynamic programs and contact people continually change.Transition Card Discussed•Each student has a transition card on which data is recorded from the previous year.•Teachers will study the behavior card to try to find any patterns that can help to solve any current problems.•Former teachers may be contacted to see determine what interventions during the previous year worked.Mac School Data for Student Info•Looking at a student's daily schedule can show patterns that might be helpful in whatever problem might be occurring.•A small schedule change might be the ticket.Permanent Record for Student Info•Teachers and counselors will look at the student's permanent record to see if anything in the student's academic history might help in solving the current problem.Team Meeting with Student•Meeting with the student is a good first step. Sometimes the student can pin point what is wrong and give the team suggestions.•Sometimes meeting with the student can give the team ideas about how to help.Parent Contact(s)•Teachers should be committed to contacting parents when there is any type of problem that can't be easily resolved at school.Team Meeting with Student & Parent•At a parent conference, the whole team can brainstorm ways the student can be helped in school.Classroom Interventions•Provide NotesoSome students can't follow during note-taking or can't transfer information from the overhead to their paper. Teachers can provide a copy of the notes to the student.•Look at Learning StyleoTake an inventory to see where a student fits here:•Modify HomeworkoSome students need to have homework assignments shortened-this will usually happen if he or she is showing evidence of working diligently on the original assignments, but simply can't complete them.•Modify DeadlinesoPerhaps a student is a slow, methodical worker; he or she can get the work done if given a little more time. Once again, the student would be showing evidence of consistent work first.•Modified CurriculumoModified curriculum refers to outcomes that are different than the expected learning outcomes of a specific curriculum.oWhen a student is unable to meet the expected learning outcomes, it is necessary to modify the student's education program, outlining the expected goals and objectives.oThese goals and objectives should reflect how the...

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1520 words - 7 pages . Accommodations should be used for students who have special written instructions in their IEPs. (Popham, 2014, p. 146-148) References Popham, W. James. (2014). Classroom Assessment: What Teachers Need to Know (Seventh Edition). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson. (2013). Test Accommodations. The Glossary of Educational Reform. Retrieved from Schellenberg, Stephen J. (2004). Test Bias or Cultural Bias

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