Academic Effects Of Active Parental Involvement

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Academic Effects of Active Parental Involvement

Findings demonstrate that parent involvement in a child’s learning is positively related to their achievement. The first teachers of our children are the adults in the home. This is where the children learn their attitudes and values that are engraved in them for the remainder of their lives. When families as a whole participate, in children’s education in positive ways, there are noticeable changes in the child’s test scores, attendance records, quality of work, attitudes and behavior, graduation rates, and the amount that enroll in higher education. The level of involvement is often questioned by the parents; however, research suggests that “the more intensively parents are involved in their children’s learning, the more beneficial are the achievement effects” (Cotton and Wikelund, 2002, p. 2). It is believed that when parents monitor homework, encourage participation in extracurricular activities, are active in parent-teacher associations, and help children develop plans for their future, children are more likely to respond and do well in school. There are indications that prove that the most effective form of parental involvement is when the parents work directly with their child. Researchers find that the more activity each parent puts in, there will be greater achievement for that student in comparison to the children with passive parents. When parents actively participate, that is work with their children, attend their activities, and help in the classroom, greater achievement is noted.

Academic Effects of Passive Parental Involvement

Passive parent involvement is better than no involvement, however the effects aren’t as successful for the child. This means that if parents do the minimal amount of participation the child benefits more than they would if they did not. Passive involvement is considered signing and reading written communication from the schools, attending and listening to parent teacher conferences, and other such activities. Through these acts by the parents, benefits would occur more than with no involvement at all. However, when parents read, and work with their children at home and develop a stronger work ethic with their child the student improves in school.

Social Effects on Children

Many studies performed on the affected outcomes of parental involvement have proven to also show strongly optimistic outcomes on the student’s attitude and behavior. Some of the reason for a greater achievement is due to the fact that children are just simply more motivated when their parents are interested in what they are doing. When parents become aggressively involved in their child’s education the child develops more incentive to learn. They aim to please their parents and others. As stated in an article from the internet, “A positive influence sparks a child usually to become a positive and prosperous student” (Andrade, Garcia, Skelton,...

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