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Academic Honesty Essay

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Importance of Maintaining Academic HonestyAbstract:This paper has been written to showcase the importance of practicing Academic Honesty in one's life; it manly focuses on the advantages and the good points of following it, tells about the ways how it can really motivate students and help them to be a good human being. It also tells about the practices being followed in this area and how they are prevailing and what are the steps that could be taken to minimize their effect.Maintaining academic honesty is not the single responsibility of a student only but also a requirement for the academic staff and the administration with the responsibility of monitoring and controlling such acts that favor academic dishonesty.Maintaining and Following Academic Honesty:The importance of practicing academic honesty can be judged from the fact that it shares the same value as being honest ourselves in our lives. At our time of birth we don't have any working knowledge of the ethics or morals and their effects on our life but as soon we start learning, there are many pre-built policies and rules by which a person needs to abide by so as to develop into a fully function social being. But the real question comes as to where a person ought to learn these morals and ethics we boldly preach of every time? Home is the first institution where we are placed or admitted right after our birth and later on the school and universities where we study most of time.The education not only gives person knowledge and skills require for a job but somehow carve a person's personality out of the body. A person's twenty five years of life or so are spent in these institutions which can be said to be a pretty big part of life; thus making an mark on a person's personality and his/her social presence. Academic honesty shares a part with it thus allowing a person to be a better person and enlightening him/her to the road of glory to be followed later on.When a youngster turns into an adult from his teen life, he/she needs to be more responsible towards other people of the society. Almost everyone have had a few liabilities within self and thus it's very important that he/she practices or follows academic honesty even if they have to follow consequences of their actions, this faith in the system would definitely be paid off in the longer run. Being an honest person takes nothing hence it is not a complex thing to be followed. If the will is strong enough to be maintained with the determination to follow consequences and keep on doing the good work then being honest is like child's play.Its initiation comes with the student getting enrolled into an institution like college or an university because generally at this age only one feels more vulnerable and addictive to misconducts in exams and other dishonesty practices. After the enrollment procedure is done a student must be fully aware of the institution's policies followed because it instills the concept of maintaining honesty in...

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