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Academic Institution Undergoing Audit To Improve Data Management

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Case Study
Academic Institution undergoing BPR to improve Data Management
ABC university is a leading private university in Delhi-NCR region offering graduate and postgraduate degree in forty six discipline. ABC university is having five university campus , thirteen management program campus (ABC Global Business School(AGBS) Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad ) across country and six international campuses (London, Singapore, Dubai, New Jersey, Mauritius and China (Figure 1).

Figure 1-ABC University Campuses
Total number of programmes offered is over 240 in forty six discipline. Since this university is having many programmes and many campuses, therefore to ...view middle of the document...

Though all files are existing, but there is lack of standard for maintaining these files. Redundant copies of file are maintained and exact location of file is not known and every time audit is conducted or whenever any file is required there is always lack of availability of file owing to different reasons like no clear responsibility of file owner, lack f process owner, no standard for maintaining these files. However, university has issued a list of files to be maintained but how these files are to be maintained varies with each department.
Process of maintaining file:
Let us take an example of ABC School of Business (ASB)
This department is offering three years graduate program in management in various specializations viz. BBA (General), BBA (Finance & Accounting), BBA (Marketing & Sales), BBA (FBM) and four year integrated program BBA+MBA. Programs are running in semester system and each semester of BBA program is having around twelve sections with approximate fifty students in each section.

Now as a academic institution, different files are required to be maintained but the main files required by ASB to show again and again as and when required which should always be available at fingertips are as follows:

In addition to above mentioned files, following reports are also required:
• Report of students going for higher studies in same university.
• Report of students in student exchange program/ SAP (student abroad program).
Now, university requires some method to ensure availability of above mentioned files and data so that when these files are required, no chaos or delays happen and system remain streamlined.

Solution Suggested:
Process of maintaining database is to be changed entirely. Rather than storing data in hardcopy format, university should go for some software to store and manage required data.
University should go for Application Software where all needed files and data will be maintained and different required reports and data can be obtained from there. Users will be given access to various functions available on this application software where data can be uploaded and downloaded. Let this software be named as ‘EduDoc’.
Design of Application ‘EduDoc’
EduDoc will be having Home page as below in window 1:

Each of the tab will be having sub functions as shown below in window 2:

Function 1 Academics
Academics function will be focusing on main files required to run academic function smoothly. It will be having sub tabs as shown in Window 2.
Time table: Time table window will be having four buttons-submit, delete, view and cancel. Upload access will be given only to Program Leader of respective year. Using this tab, Time table can be uploaded into EduDoc. User side will be able to view only download button. When admin click on time table tab then he will be taken to following window 3. User will also be shown same window 3 but Time table box , delete and submit button will not be...

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