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Engineering is the application of scientific, economic design and a wide range of other specialized fields of engineering. As an engineer, there are four major different areas of engineering work that I can concern about, that is chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Beyond this four, sources separate to other main branches. Based on the electrical engineering is concerned with the basic forms of energy that run the world, there is a hopeful future in taking this major as my direction of future. However, what exactly is the benefit of this major; am I suppose to choose this major; what kinds of job opportunities that I am able to get and various of other questions are what I concerned the most.
As an engineering student, design, develop and test electrical equipments is the major purpose of all time. In other words, electrical engineer is concerned with using electricity to transmit electric power. In electrical engineering, there are extensive subfields such as power engineering, control system and signal processing. It is also worth to point out the difference between electrical engineering and electronic engineering. According to the research, electronic engineering is a major that deal with the electronic system such as computers and radar, to be more specific, electronic engineers are concerned with using electricity to process information.
After get understanding with the basic definition of electrical engineering, it is time to find out that is this major right for me. ' If you enjoy taking things apart, seeing how they work, and then putting them back together again, this major should suit you very well'. Additionally, an engineering degree should be a serious consideration if I have a strong interest in the computing of computer, math and science. Most importantly, electrical engineers are meant to work in groups more often than other majors, which means that I should have a great sense of teamwork in order to learn efficiently.
Unfortunately, I get interest in neither math nor science; only computer computing attract my attention. Furthermore, the degree requirements for entering the electrical engineering classes are harder than other majors, as well. There are totally about fifteen courses that I should finish before step into the major courses, and that include math, chemistry, physical and social science. The maximum degree that I am able to earn is about fifty-five after complete the pre-major requirement. Interestingly enough, 'few pre-major courses' contents cover the knowledge that you learned in high school, which means you will be able to pass the courses without too much concern.'
To complete the pre-major courses is only the first milestone in the college, large amounts of major courses are awaiting to be finished, but how am I going to choose and arrange these classes; what is my ultimate goal in finishing these courses. According to the research, a total number of...

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