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2.5.3 Systems theory input-output model
System’s theory input-output model was developed by Ludwig Von Bertalanffy in 1956. According to this theory by Koontz and Weihrich (1988), they assume that an organized enterprise does not exist in a vacuum; it is dependents on its environment in which it is established. They insert the inputs from the environment that received by the organization, which then transforms them into outputs. As what we have done, we are able to apply this theory based on the research we choose which is to determine the various factor affecting student performances in their academic. The students (Inputs) are admitted into the university, with different type study ...view middle of the document...

2.6 Findings from Previous Study

Reviews on various literatures demonstrate the factors influencing students’ academic performance. There are several influences; parents who were involved in their children’ education tend to develop positive results in their behavior, academic and social interaction (Regier, 2011). Lebcir and Well (2008) mentioned in their article that the lecturers’ teaching style influence the way students’ understanding about the subjects. Besides, the international students prefer the lecturers teach in their first language. According to Latif and Miles (2011), graded assignments appear as the strong predictor to improve male and international students’ academic performance. Pintrich and DeGroot (1990) claimed that students managed to improve their learning capability by using self-regulation. Study skills and habits play a significant role to influence academic performance (McKenzie and Schweitzer, 2001). Kirschner and Karpinski (2010) stated that social network for instance Facebook influences their academic performance as well. In addition, social economic status is the top indicator contributes toward the educational performance of the students (Adam, 1996 and Krashen, 2005; Graetz, 1995). Based on the research, educated parents tend to have better communication with their children regarding their academic concerns. Besides, educated parents deliver the better psychological support to their children...

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