Educational Vs. Recreational Tv Essay

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Children can do so many things with their time. Yet, they decide to go watch television, why is this? With all of the violence and bad language/acts that television contains wouldn't it seem appropriate for the parents to be concerned? Many will argue that spending too much time taking in the messages that many television shows send, can only hurt the morals of a child.Mom is in the kitchen washing the dishes, when she hears a loud pop ring through the house. She runs into the living room where she spots Tommy standing on the couch. His face is covered in the with some shoe polish and he is holding a plastic gun firmly in his hand and he is dressed, from head to toe, in green clothes to assume the role of a soldier in the army. Tommy is focused on the big screen television set that stands in all of its glory before him. His attention is drawn to the sight of the guns, blood, and death and total violence of the scene. It seems as though he is in a complete daze to what he is witnessing. He is focused at the screen like a fish might look at a worm on a hook"¦watching its every move, hearing its every sound, ready to be pulled in. All of this is taking place as his mother looks in awe. The children of today have been blindfolded when it comes to understanding and comprehending the differences between recreational and educational television. They seem to be focused mainly on the entertainment and not so much on the educational television shows. These "brain-rotting" programs are removing reality and replacing it with imaginary fantasy thus, children are becoming increasingly oblivious to the effects of violence that some television shows portray. How do we control what our children watch and do not watch? If we allow them to watch "brain-rotting" television then, how do we make sure they do not take it to a dangerous level, that they will not focus all of their attention on becoming the next "Power Ranger?" Television has changed a lot over the past few decades. It has gone from wholesome and clean, and all around fun family event, to a high risk for children. Thirty years ago, it was common to flip through the five channels and find a show that not only improved the learning ability of a child, but entertained them as well. Now, in a time where cable and satellite is "the thing," we easily find that vast majorities of the five hundred channels offered to us are mostly full of garbage and useless information that don't help to improve a child's education. Even the...

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