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In this assignment I will be writing about the importance of research in nursing considering history of nursing and the difference between how research is performed nowadays. I will also be defining different types of research such as quantitative and qualitative research and giving an example of a nursing based research study that was carried out and how it is important to nursing presently.
Research is a form of systematic inquiry. It sets out to answer questions through assessing, summarizing and drawing conclusions from what are often very large amounts of information.
(Cormack 1996 p14)

Research is extremely important in nursing as it clarifies questions that we do not know the answer to and creates new knowledge which can be the difference between saving a life when it’s involved in the healthcare profession. For example, when I was on my placement I observed my nurse looking after a patient that was rapidly deteriorating. The nurse couldn’t find a reason why this was happening; therefore she had to bleep the doctor. While waiting for the doctor to respond she took on the responsibility to find out what could be happening to this patient. She went into the nurse’s office and began to read from certain folders that were supplied by the hospital for researching information. When the doctor eventually arrived the nurse told him about what she had read and what she assumed it could be. The doctor then had an indication of what could be wrong with the patient which helped immensely. Research in my opinion is particularly important whilst working as part of a team as there will be numerous perspectives on each specific topic. It is important to stay up to date with research as it can changes over time.
Sheenan stated that ‘Applying research findings in Nursing Practice is perhaps the biggest challenge facing nursing research’ (1986) which is completely true. Researching about a topic is the simple part but putting the two together can be problematic. There are many different types of researching such as questionnaires, surveys, studies, reports, journals and textbooks. However, in my opinion the best research type of research for nursing are studies that have been published and textbooks as there is proof behind the theories.

There are two categories for research such as qualitative and quantitative research. Qualitative research focuses on words such as academic writing and presentations, whereas quantitative focuses on numbers such as statistics. Quantitative also concentrates on how and why and qualitative concentrates on motives instead of causes. Both of these forms would be used in nursing although qualitative research would be more commonly used.

Nursing research began with Florence Nightingale, as she...

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