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Academically, I Should Have Done Better

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My academic performance throughout high school wasn’t my best. Looking back as a senior I feel like could have done better. With college coming around the corner know what I need to do to excel during college. My academic strengths are sciences in terms of biology and sports medicine and English. Also I am a visual learner. My last 2 years of high school I took a internship program at my high school. During my time at the site, I was taught sports medicine. I caught on pretty quickly and the information stuck with me. My first strength is English. I consider this one of my strengths because I like poetry. Sometimes in my free time I love to read. My favorite kinds of books are on running and sports. My last strengths are, visual and experience and learn. When I learn I look at the new material and then I take time to learn it which is the experience part. Like the material things to stick to me. I would say my weaknesses are like somewhat oral presentations and memorizing. I tend to talk a bit rapidly when I present in front of a class and also get nervous. I feel like these weaknesses important in life. And I know that I need to work on this weakness more. My last weakness is memorizing a lot of information. I would memorize information easier knowing that I would use that information later on in life. If I need to memorize a long list or poem in a short time, I get nervous and mess it up. This weakness is a very crucial one to have in life. Which I know when college comes I will be working very hard on all my weaknesses. I learned a lot about myself through experiences in high school. In the classroom setting I learned my strengths and weaknesses. During sports I learned what it takes to be a team player. Also learned what It takes to be caption of a team which came true my senior year.
All 4 years in high school I was a part of sports. I ran cross country and track. I was a 3 year varsity runner for both. My senior year I was named caption. Both teams were like family to me. I help motivate my team to reach their full potential. It felt great...

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