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Acceleration Of A Freely Falling Body

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Data Page:
Spark Tape Point Distance (cm) Velocity (cm/s) Time (s)
1 0.6 cm 35.92 cm/s 0.0167
2 0.8 cm 47.9 cm/s 0.0334
3 1.1 cm 65.86 cm/s 0.0501
4 1.4 cm 83.83 cm/s 0.0668
5 1.8 cm 107.78 cm/s 0.0835
6 2 cm 119.76 cm/s 0.1002
7 2.2 cm 131.73 0.1169
8 2.5 cm 149.70 0.1336
9 2.8 cm 167.66 0.1503
10 3.1 cm 185.63 0.1670
11 3.4 cm 203.59 0.1837
12 3.6 cm 215.54 0.2004
13 3.8 cm 227.5 0.2171
14 4.1 cm 245.5 0.2338
Average Velocity: 141.94 cm/s
Average Time: 0.125 s
Percent Error: 3.26% error
Acceleration: 978.71 cm/s2

The primary goal of the experiment is to analyze the acceleration of a falling body that has been affected by gravity.
Free-Fall Apparatus
Meter ...view middle of the document...

The known acceleration of the force of gravity is 9.8 m/s or 9.80 cm/s. To calculate the acceleration of an object,, divide the change in velocity, ∆v, by the time interval, ∆t.
a=∆v/∆t=(v_f-v_i)/(t_f-t_i )
The measurements to measure the speed, velocity and acceleration are feet and miles in the British system, or centimeters and meters in the SI unit system. The units of time that are needed are measured in seconds, minutes and/or hours.

Attach the freely falling object to the electromagnet. Activate the spark machine before releasing the object.
As the object is dropping it will leave unevenly spaced marks onto the paper strip. Once the object has completed the fall, turn off the spark machine and carefully remove the paper strip.
Choose 15 consecutive marks that were made by the falling object and measure the length between the consecutive points.
Next, calculate the velocity at each mark by dividing the distance between the consecutive marks by the separation of time it took for each magnet to travel between the two marks (1/60th seconds).
Once this is done, fond the average velocity and time of the data. This will be your pivot point. Then graph the data and draw a line straight through the pivot point.
Calculations: (Tristan)
Velocity 1: .6/.0167=35.92 "cm"...

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