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Accept And Reject Essay

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Agreements, contracts, and promises all require some action to be completed. These things require some sort of effort and all of these things require one to do it. When one fulfills or completes the task that is required, they have finished what is obligated of them. When something has to be done, there is little choice in the matter in how it gets accomplished or not. The action to complete the goal is inevitable. Inevitably is the fulfillment of something that is unavoidable. In the examples above, inevitability stems from the achievement of doing a warranted action. However, inevitably can also mean not being able to escape the unavoidable. In David B.’s graphic novel Epileptic, inevitable is depicted in forms of polarity in contrast between Jean-Christophe and Pierre-François (also known as David). Inevitably in this novel is defined more as the entrapment of the inescapable.
The reasons that there are contrasting extremes of inevitably inherit in Epileptic is do to the actions of those that encounter the source of inevitability, or the thing that would be accomplished/happen as the outcome to the unavoidable action. The unavoidable action in this novel is one of the main character’s, Jean-Christophe’s, seizure disorder known as epilepsy. This disease reaches beyond affecting only Jean-Christophe and disturbs the life of those that surround him, most notably his family and his only brother Pierre-François. The novel is centered on how Jean Christophe’s epilepsy changes throughout his life and how the family deals with the disease, as the condition seems to progress. The polarization of inevitability emerges in the actions of how Jean-Christophe and Pierre-François deal with the omniscient presence of epilepsy in their life. Each creates an outlet in which they are able to cope with the unavoidable and also creates the difference in the spectrum of inevitability. Each brother’s outlet morphs throughout the book as the course of the disease changes and alters their lives in new and drastic ways.
Jean-Christophe’s outlet for dealing with his epilepsy changes dramatically throughout the book. His interaction with the disease is the most direct and affects him in every aspect of his life. When he has an episode it affects him physically and mentally. His emotionally stability is also altered and his social life is affected by how others react to the disease, especially in the present moment that he has a seizure. The family even had to move away from their neighborhood when the children started to make fun of Jean-Christophe and the neighbors began to comment on his mental state. This is represented not only within the text but in the visual elements of the story as well. The advancement of the disease could be related to how the disease progresses biologically, which is the inevitable part, but Jean-Christophe reactions to this disease are what influence his life and create his polarization of dealing with the inevitability.

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