Accept Or Refuse Syrian Refugees Into The United States English Essay

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ENGL 1101
24 Mar. 2016
Accept or Refuse Syrian Refugees into the United States
Are Syrian refugees’ lives worth saving? This issue has been a recent popular topic in America. Due to civil war, millions of Syrians are being displaced and are wanting to come to other countries to escape violence, terrorism, and the lack of basic necessities. President Obama has promised to admit more Syrian refugees for resettlement in the United States. However, Americans are constantly debating whether or not the United States should allow Syrian refugees to enter the country after recent terrorist attacks. Despite the objections, Syrian refugees should be allowed into the country because they need protection from persecution, they can contribute to the U.S economy, and the U.S. already has an extensive screening process in place to filter out high-risk refugees.
Many Americans have been reluctant to allow Syrian refugees into their country because of security issues, overpopulation, and the leeching of taxpayer's money. After the Paris attacks and other recent acts of terrorism, Americans are afraid for their security more than ever. Every American wants to be safe. They fear a terrorist might disguise as a refugee and commit acts of terror on U.S. soil. Overpopulation is another concern. Since the United States is already overpopulated, some Americans believe that bringing refugees would add to that problem. Letting in more people may result in overcrowding and more traffic. These situations are not favorable to most people. Furthermore, some Americans believe refugees will consume a large amount of government resources, like education, health care, and welfare, without paying taxes. The taxpayers will have to absorb the expenses.
Regardless of the oppositions, Syrian refugees need protection from persecution and violence in their war-torn country. If the United States allow them to enter the country, Syrian refugees fleeing from persecution will saved and have a better future. The United States is a country of immigrants with a long history of helping refugees. Most refugees are simply fleeing from violence which they did not start. Thousands of innocent people have been murdered during the Syrian civil war. Accepting refugees is a humanitarian responsibility to protect innocent people, especially the children. Also, every day is a life and death struggle for them. Many Syrian refugees walk hundreds of miles and cross dangerous waters on makeshift rafts to reach freedom. They should not be turned away after their dangerous journey. Additionally, many are fleeing the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations. Letting Syrian refugees into the country means saving them from certain torture and death from these terrorists. During the Vietnam civil war, the U.S. let in thousands of refugees. The Vietnamese people have adapted well to their new country and...

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