Acceptance And Belonging Essay

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I consider myself an excellent candidate for the National Honors Society. I believe I am overall very well rounded in the areas of leadership, helping and giving to the community, and have a wonderful personality.
Where I stand with leadership skills, I could be pressed a bit further. When I was in middle school I was painfully shy. I was so afraid of what people would think of me. When I was in seventh grade I longed to dye my hair purple but I quickly disowned that idea because no one ever dyed their hair crazy colors in my home school and I would have been forsaken by almost all of my peers; so I stuffed myself back inside my quiet little shell and sealed it shut. I had zero self confidence. For my freshman year of high school I decided to attend the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts because I knew I wanted to pursue the arts since that’s what I have submerged myself in ever since I could hold a pencil ...view middle of the document...

My friends and other people come to me for advice and suggestions, to show them the way. Yes, I had a late start, but I am getting there with my progress steadily rising.
Helping out the people around me and extracting ways to better the world that surrounds me is extremely important. Not for image or something petty, but because seeing some smile or making their day makes me feel amazing. Seeing those I’ve helped grinning from ear, it’s impossible not to return their gesture. I have a proclivity to support anything that could a smile on a child’s face. Children inhibit the one big gapping soft spot on my heart. I love volunteering to participate in fairs or awareness days to face paint. Two of my favorite things rolled into one event. Another one of my all time favorites is babysitting. It pushed the responsibility into my lap and I welcomed it with open arms. I coveted that independence and was awed that people trusted me with something so irreplaceable; and I made sure to never let them down.
I fathom that one of the most beautiful aspect about me is my character; it’s what I pride myself most on. I am a kind, caring, patient, and respectful with everyone. Most of all, I am hard working and conscientious. I never give up no matter how frustrating or how undesirable a necessary task is. I do not accept gratitude or rewards that are handed to me: I have to earn it or the thanks means absolutely nothing to me. Taking on a challenge and completing it successfully is an extraordinary experience that does has a wondrous affect on a person. Last but definitely not least, I exude an unexpected toughness and a strong willed soul for some one of my age; getting through some agonizing, stressful times back that statement. At my simplest form if I were to put a label on myself (even though I dislike labeling), I would consider myself an alpha female; just not the vain, high maintenance, rude, and selfish qualities that some people may associate with the term “alpha female.” My natural instinct is to protect and care for those circumforaneous to me.
I conclude that I would feel right at home if I were to be part of the National Honors Society.

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