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Acceptance Of The Homosexual Lifestyle: An Evaluation And Comparison Between The United States And Other Locations

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Acceptance of the Homosexual Lifestyle: An Evaluation and Comparison between the United States and Other Locations

The idea of homosexual behavior has created a number of responses worldwide. Currently, the United States has many levels of acceptance of homosexuality. There are places on this earth that have the same outlook as the United States, and there are places that are completely opposite. By looking at these different perspectives, the public could obtain some valuable points in the battle of acceptance. My objective is to give these old ideas a new audience, to show the wide range of acceptance throughout the world, and to compare the United States and other nations challenged to acknowledge a different lifestyle.

There are countries that have the same or a similar variety of reactions that are known in the U.S., such as Canada. There are supporters, but there are also many people who reject the homosexual lifestyle. One extreme to the acceptance of gays was illustrated when a Canadian politician made a comment about making homosexuality illegal. The National Post described the public reaction to this blaring comment, “you could almost hear the collective coast-to-coast gasp of horror” (Kay, 2003, p.A18). Even though this is one politicians belief, the Canadian mass media and market advertising try to make the gay lifestyle look as normal as heterosexual life. If they could fully succeed, it could be considered the, “greatest PR triumph in history” (Kay, 2003, p.A18). However, like the United States, many citizens of Canada are hesitant to give in. They’re hesitant because this lifestyle is so different. Also, it isn’t in compliance with the Bible. Many families of homosexuals don’t support them; the public often treats them like outcasts, and their everyday life is often completely changed by being open and truthful. There are hate crimes committed far too often to homosexuals who have “come out.” On February 23, 2004, Ronn Mattai was attacked at a nightclub in Ontario, Canada. A broken glass was thrown at his face, and the attacker continued to slash Mattai’s face with the jagged edges. Police said it was the direct result of a anti-gay hate crime (Morisson, 2004).

Then there is another side; there is progress. Openness to this different lifestyle has increased as the times go on. In the United States, we can look at the rise in public attention for the homosexual minority. You can’t open a newspaper without seeing an article on civil unions. The U.S. market aims a whole new line of advertising at homosexuals. For example, is, “the leading provider of media products and online services to gay and lesbian consumers worldwide” (PR Newswire, 2004). They have launched an online television channel dedicated to the homosexual population (PR Newswire, 2004). Personally, this year alone I have witnessed, heard of, and participated in more public displays in favor of acceptance for different...

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