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Accepting Diversity My Move To California

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Personal Narrative- Accepting Diversity

"Good bye honey! Take care! Call us when you get there safely!" my mother cried. I can still hear those words as if it were yesterday and in reality it was fourteen years ago, that I packed up and left my small town back in southern New Jersey.

The decision to leave my hometown, has been a definite turning point in my life, showing me what it means to live in a diverse society vs. the narrow minded, sheltered existence that I was raised in.

I grew up in a small town back east called Pennsville, population 15,000, and all of them were white folks except the Lees and the Tacketts. They were the only two colored families (as they were known to be called in passing), that lived in town. How they managed to survive in that hateful environment is still a mystery to me.

Needless to say this town was very prejudice, and still is today. The 'N' word was very familiar to me and was used frequently in the house I grew up in.  I can still hear my grandmother’s voice saying, “Those damn n-----‘s are gonna ruin this town.”  I could never fully understand where her anger was coming from.  Her hatred for people of color was beyond anything I could comprehend. And she was not alone. Most every one I knew felt the same way, from my parents to my schoolmates. Most of the black population in that area seemed to have their own towns. One that comes to mind is Salem, which is the neighboring town to where I grew up.  I can still remember the fear that was ingrained in me on the rare occasions when we would...

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