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Access Technologies: Connecting To The Internet

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There are various ways that residential users and businesses can connect to the internet though internet service providers (ISPs). The various methods for doing this are called access technologies. While traditionally, these technologies are based around wired technologies, wireless internet connectivity is increasingly driving the innovation based around access technology.
Access technologies are typically divided into two categories that encompass a range of different methods of access. Narrowband technologies refers to data download capabilities up to 128kbps and includes dial up connections, leased circuit using modems, fractional T1 data circuits, and Integrated Services Digital ...view middle of the document...

Asymmetric DSL uses multiplexing of the local loop and divides bandwidth into three frequencies on a copper telephone wire. This division of the telephone, up-streaming, and down-streaming is all done on pre-existing physical telephone wires and allows for upwards to 15mps. The advantage of DSL, especially over cable, is the ability to have a one-to-one connection with the ISP. This means that bandwidth isn’t shared with other customer and signal and speed only depends on the characteristic of the local loop itself.(Comer, 2009).
Cable technology also uses “existing” technology in its local loop the form of coaxial cable utilized in cable television. Coaxial cable has more shielding and is therefore less susceptible than DSL to interference. The coaxial cable is also able to provide high bandwidth rates for its television and internet customers. However its modems and bandwidth is incapable of simply multiplexing an additional data channel for internet connectivity for each subscriber. This means that subscribers share a channel and the overall bandwidth is distributed amongst the subscribers. (Comer, 2009).
When comparing DSL and cable, cable has an edge in potential speed, however when more subscribers share a local loop, the less bandwidth is actually available to each customer, based on the number of subscribers in a given area. This makes a comparison between DSL and Cable more comparable, although with the increasing speeds of coaxial available, expecially with technologies such as fiber optics, coaxial cable has a slight edge over ADSL. Furthermore, while both signals deteriorate further away from the central office, cable’s coaxial shielded cable does offer better protection against interference and latency in a given area. (Chianis, 2013).
Finally, broadband technologies include wireless technology in the form of satellite internet and mobile communications. Satellite uses RF signals to transmit digital data over commercial satellites to residential VSAT (very small aperture Terminals) satellites. Satellite technology allows users to connect virtually anywhere that has a clear connection to the sky. However while it’s faster than dial-up, it’s also more susceptible to climate...

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