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Access The Impact Of The Balkan Crisis On International Relations In The Decade Before Wwi.

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International relations were either strengthened or damaged with the actions between 1904 and 1914. The five great powers all fought against each other to produce strength country or for the independence of a country.The first of this conflict was for the independence of the Slavs from Austria-Hungary and Turkey. The Slavs wanted to break away from these major powers and become an independent country, of which they can govern themselves. The Slavs then looked towards Russia for help, as the Russians were also Slavs, to free the 22 millions Slavs from Austria-Hungary and the 14 million Slavs from Turkey. There had been calm between Austria-Hungary and Russia for 20 years up to the point of the Bosnian Crisis. But at the point that the Slavs turned to Russia, Austria-Hungary (AH) felt a sense of panic because if the Slavs got their independence then their country would collapse. There was a danger of a war between these two major countries but neither of them wanted to fight, so they made the Buchlou agreement. This allowed Russia to sail through the Straits into the Black Sea, so they could improve trade and travel into the Pacific Ocean. But for this to happen Russia would let AH to annex Bosnia. This agreement fell through as Britain, France and Turkey wouldn't allow Russia to sail through the straits as this would damage their trading economies. This then meant that the relations between Russia and AH decreased as Russia had been disloyal to the Slavs to improve their economy and they had then been unable to sail through the straits. So this in turn weakened the relationship between the Slavs and Russia.The Slavs continued to fight for their freedom, as the Balkan league was formed between Greece, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Serbia, who were all independent countries who wanted to fight for the freedom of the Slavs. The first of the Balkan Wars occurred between October and May 1913 were the Balkan League fought against Turkey to liberate the Slavs and bring about freedom. The league was successful and 14 million Slavs were set free from the governing of Turkey and Albania was formed as an independent country. The four countries shared out Turkey's empire between them at the Treaty of London, were to Bulgaria, Serbia appeared to be more advantageous from this treaty. This then meant that the relations between Turkey and the countries in the Balkan League decreased and AH became anxious as the League could also cause damage for her. Due to Bulgaria's disagreement of the amount of land given to Serbia, Bulgaria became hostile towards Serbia. Greece and Montenegro chose to fight with Serbia and Bulgaria was defeated. This then caused a major opposition of relations...

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