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Access To Food, Clean Water, And Shelter

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Every 15 seconds a child dies from a water related illness. There are countries all around the world that do not have access to food, clean water, and shelter. I believe that everywhere in the world should be provided with the supplies they need. There should be a law made in every country to ensure that people get the support they need to live with relative comfort. They need to be able to have enough food to at least have three meals a day. In some places around the world, people are lucky to get one meal a day. They also need to supply those people with fresh water if needed. Some of the water that people drink will cause diseases because it is contaminated with bacteria. Nine million people die a year due to lack of access to clean water. Too many people have either a nonfunctional shelter or no shelter at all. Whatever it takes, the access of food, clean water, and shelter should be supplied to anyone who needs it. There is a problem, however, that occurs. Some countries are poorer than others, so there are more people with these needs in those countries. This causes the help from other countries, and for charities to be formed to help those in need.
The churches in the world play a huge role in the determination to access of food, clean water, and shelter. No matter what religious affiliation, people will donate money to churches to help this growing problem that has arisen. This is important because churches are a good way to give those in need the supplies they need. The churches give the money raised by the offerings that people donate. This is effective because there are so many churches around the world. If most people donate a little bit of money, a substantial amount of people will be helped. The Christ House is a program that provides over 18,000 meals a year to the homeless with volunteers from a variety of different churches. “Christ House offers transitional housing to the homeless. Its recently renovated facilities afford a safe, clean, and welcoming environment to single men in need of a place to stay while they improve their lives. Christ House also provides shower and laundry facilities to residents “(CCDA). The Christ House is a great example of how churches use the money from the offerings from communities to help the homeless with the help of volunteers. This is just one example of hundreds of churches in the United States alone. The churches provide the homeless with some kind of supply they need.
Access to food, clean water, and shelter can also reduce health issues that are caused by eating contaminated food, or by malnourishment. Diseases can also be avoided if people are provided with clean water instead of having to drink water that has been contaminated with bacteria. If they have no shelter they can get health issues from the heat in the summer or from the cold temperatures during the winter. “In developing countries, about 80% of illnesses are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions. 1 out of every 5...

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