Access To Football Essay

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Access to Football

My chosen sport is football. I've chosen football because football has
always been the people's game. And it is because anyone can play it
almost anywhere, all you need is a ball and some friends for a kick
about. One of the reasons why football is enjoyed around the world is
because the equipment needed is so basic. All you will need are
football boots and shin pads, and when joining a team they will have a
kit that you may have to contribute to - but that's it! For anyone
wanting to play organized football, there are opportunities to take
part at different levels right around the country, with around 2000
competitive leagues, and more than 40,000 clubs. Clubs and leagues are
affiliated to their County Football Association, which organises
football in the local area. The levels of football opportunities
available will vary from 5-a-side leagues, played indoor or outdoor,
to 11-a-side competitive leagues, played usually on a Saturday and
Sunday. For example I played for Norseman FC for 10 years from under
7`s - under 17`s. Norseman is Located in Enfield, and I played in the
Cheshunt League. In the cheshunt league there were 3 leagues; 2nd
division, 1st division and Premier, each with about 10+ teams.
Cheshunt isn't the only league to play in, there are many more in
Enfield, e.g. Enfield district league and Waltham forest league.


There are many clubs in Enfield for women, men, boys and girls to
start playing football. You can start playing football at any age but
most clubs have children playing as young as 6 - 9 years old,
regardless whether it's a boys or girls team.

Enfield has a vast number of clubs to play in ;

Ÿ Chalden Youth Football Club

Ÿ Cockfosters Football Club

Ÿ Chase Side Youth Football Club

Ÿ Edmonton Rangers Youth FC

Ÿ Enfield Ladies Football Club

Ÿ Enfield Rangers Girls Football Club

Ÿ Enfield Spartans Youth FC

Ÿ Field End Youth Football Club

Ÿ Gladstone Rangers Youth Football Club

Ÿ Hinton Football Club

Ÿ Minchenden Youth Football Club

Ÿ Norsemen Youth FC

Ÿ Percival Youth FC

Ÿ Trent Park Youth Football Club

Ÿ Winchmore Hill Football Club

There are many ways to play/ to get introduced to football. Many
children, both boys and girls, are introduced to football through
their schools. They can begin playing football as early as primary
school, and are able to attend school football training and school
football matches. This is a good starting point because you get a
glimpse of football and if children like it, they can go on and play
for football clubs as well. As well as just playing in a league there
are opportunities to play in cups and tournaments ( you also have cup/
tournament games in Football clubs as well). Playing in cups and

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